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Building a better future: How BlueSoft support R&D projects in the EU

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Building a better future: How BlueSoft support R&D projects in the EU

Over the past 17 years of operating on the IT market, we had several opportunities to partner with research institutions across Europe to share our know-how and contribute to projects that bring benefits to European communities and beyond.

Horizon 2020 is the most extensive EU program focusing on scientific research and innovation. Its goal is to bring about world-class science and technology in Europe and increase the number of breakthrough achievements and discoveries by transferring unique ideas from laboratories to the market. 

The program also seeks to reduce barriers to the development of innovation and facilitate cooperation between the public and private sectors to tackle the challenges facing society today. This is where we come in. 

BlueSoft is already involved in several Horizon 2020 R&D projects where the scientific approach and knowledge are paired with innovative technologies. These projects aim to deliver cutting-edge solutions and platforms, allowing businesses to connect easily to IoT, data, and the cloud and using them towards circular economy implementations.

What is a circular economy? A circular economy redefines economic growth by focusing on the positive benefits of activity on society and decouples economic activity from the consumption of finite resources.

Benefits of participating in Horizon 2020 R&D projects

The first and most important value we bring to the table is our extensive practical experience in fields such as cloud computing, microservices, integration, Enterprise Architecture, and DevOps processes. Our large team of specialists gained practical knowledge of three technologies in international projects and know how they can be used for research purposes.

These partnerships bring us tremendous value. We establish contacts with other commercial companies that may result in new collaborations. We also gain the opportunity to promote our competencies and can use the experience gained from these projects

to grow our products.

Our employees gain the opportunity to participate in large, international, and innovative R&D projects and develop competencies in many areas. This offers them an opportunity to build a strong network across many European organizations and go on exciting business trips to our academic partners.

Thanks to these engagements, we gain more experience in R&D projects as an organization. We cooperate with academic partners fruitfully and try our hands at innovative technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT).

Example R&D projects with BlueSoft experts 


 Project link: 

SEMIoTICS addresses one of the biggest technology challenges today: providing end-to-end security, privacy, accountability, and user control to IoT systems. The project’s solutions will be offered through an open API and designed to be used in three areas:

  • renewable energy (addressing IIoT), 
  • healthcare (focusing on human-centric IoT), 
  • smart sensing (covering both IIoT and IoT).

Our team was responsible for framework architecture design, system integration, and API design along with cloud and IoT platforms integration. 

While working on SEMIoTICS, our specialists could become part of a project that solved a critical challenge and made IoT implementations safer. We’re proud to contribute to an initiative where our experts get to experiment with such cutting-edge technologies. 

2. Accordion

Project link:

Accordion’s goal is to support NextGen application requirements by bringing together edge resource/infrastructures such as public clouds, on-premise infrastructures, telco resources, and end-devices to form pools defined in terms of latency. 

To increase the adoption rate of such novel technological concepts by European SMBs, the project will deliver an application framework for facilitating the transition into this innovative system. 

BlueSoft is the leader of Work Package 5 that focuses on:

  • Developing tools to facilitate the smooth migration and deployment of NextGen applications into the system,
  • Providing tools for assessing the performance of an application running on the Accordion system,
  • Delivering tools to manage the underlying complexity of the system.

Our specialists get to work with brand-new technologies and try their hand at new approaches that will ultimately translate into faster innovation at European small and mid-sized companies.

3. CE-IoT

 Project link:

The CE-IoT project focuses on connecting Circular Economy and IoT. Its core benefit is bringing to life novel circular economy business models and service supply chains to deliver direct value for customers. 

BlueSoft specialists contribute to building an open, circular-by-design IoT architecture where smart IoT objects (like sensors, devices, systems, and components) are integrated into the IoT ecosystem via patterns. This maximizes IoT resource and data harvesting in innovative circular-by-design IoT ecosystems. 

Our team brings in competencies in Big Data and Machine learning along with cloud and architecture competencies are the key areas where BlueSoft contributes to the project. 

4. Ideal-Cities

Project link:

Ideal-Cities aims to create an open modular platform for building Smart City applications based on adaptive IoT and Participatory Sensing (IoTPS). 

Big Data analytics and cloud service support are a core element of the project – and this is where we provide our expertise and know-how. By participating in this project, our employees get to contribute to the city circular economy, optimizing resource utilization and prolonging the lifecycle of the IoT-enabled devices via intelligent asset management. 

After all, the Ideal-Cities will bring benefits to us all – increased urban life quality, safety, and inclusivity. All of this thanks to a technology that enables citizens and authorities to produce and exchange contextualized and trustworthy intelligence in real-time. 

5. Bio-Phoenix

Project link:

The primary goal of Bio-Phoenix is to build a novel computational model that allows the reconstruction of complex software systems after a massive internal failure or external infrastructure damage. Today, companies struggle to recover system operations after a disaster as they may require excessive system reconstruction.

Together with BlueSoft, Bio-Phoenix wants to change that. Our team is involved in the development of a bio-inspired paradigm for reconstructing nearly extinct complex software systems. This paradigm is based on a novel computational DNA (co-DNA) oriented systems modeling approach. Our specialists get the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about this innovative modeling approach.  

6. SmartShip

Project link:

To address the key environmental challenges of the future, SmartShip focuses on building a multi-layer optimization in fuel consumption, energy efficiency, and emissions control management. It takes into account the requirements of maritime sector regulations, as well as applications of circular economy concepts in this industry. 

The project is based on an exchange of knowledge between partners in the maritime sector and academia, as well ICT technology industry partners – with BlueSoft among them. 

SmartShip offers a great opportunity for our team to learn the ins and outs of the maritime industry and supplement the project with technical expertise that builds a more sustainable future for us all.

Wrap up

We believe that as a company with many years of experience in various types of projects, we stand to help researchers in carrying out projects. BlueSoft was built thanks to the passion and talent of the European tech community, so we believe it’s to give back and support European technology research. 

We’d like to thank our academic partners for carrying out such inspiring projects together:

If you’re curious about our other activities, we invite you to take a look at our case studies and learn more about the exciting projects that keep our teams busy.


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