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Google Cloud Platform – Act now to embrace inevitable changes and outshine your competitors

Google Cloud Platform – Act now to embrace inevitable changes and outshine your competitors

Have you ever felt that your digital solution is more like a burden, not a platform to accelerate your organization? Have you noticed that the technical details of your product internals pull you away from the general vision you had? While thinking about new markets, you trembled anticipating a wall of obstacles? There is a better way! Team up with Bluesoft on the great cloud journey and leave those thoughts where they belong – buried in the past.

How can Google Cloud Platform boost up your business?

  • Save money by choosing services that adhere to your custom needs.
  • Improve your costs assessment by utilizing the fine-grained control over your spending. 
  • Make decisions enhanced with the leading data platform. 
  • Get access to cutting edge AI/ML solutions without the expensive setup overhead. 
  • Stay protected with the tools developed by the world-class security engineers. 
  • Shrink time to market and focus on your business not technical bits and pieces. 
  • Protect the environment by leveraging carbon-neutral infrastructure. 

BlueSoft should be your GCP guide. This is why.

  • The experience and commitment we present resulted in the recognition of Bluesoft as a Google Partner. The knowledge we share with you is consistent and always up-to-date with Google guidelines.
  • Our team of certified specialists is willing to help and listen when you share your vision. Afterwards it is our job to design your system and assemble it from components carefully chosen from the universe of GCP services. 
  • Lift & Shift migration of your existing, mission critical product or a greenfield startup endeavor.  We are up for any project challenge.    
  • Not sure if you’re ready for a full-scale migration? Let’s experiment with the POC, split the traffic, calculate the costs, gather metrics and evaluate the outcome. 
  • Willing to rocket up your GCP competencies but you do not know where to start? Our experts will enlighten the path to your cloud excellence. 

There are some low-hanging fruits up for grabs!

  • Engage native platform data warehouse services to exercise billing data and generate detailed reports with Big Query. Your CFO will love the charts you can make with Data Studio and Looker. 
  • Stay unaffected by vendor lock-in by employing your Kubernetes experience to run clusters in Google Kubernetes Engine. Variety of scaling and cost optimization strategies will make you stay. By your choice.
  • Deploy your docker image in Cloud Run and do not pay for the first 2 million requests handled each month. Now you are fully serverless and you can validate your ideas for free!  
  • Go global with your mobile app and scale your backend seamlessly with Firebase set of tools. Your app lands in the top 10 downloads worldwide? Congratulations! Firestore NoSQL database has got you covered.  
  • Reflect hierarchy in your organization by arranging Projects in Folders and applying permission policies. Synchronize your LDAP users with Google Cloud Directory Sync. Your company is migrated and ready to operate! 
  • Never heard of Distributed Denial of Service attack or OWASP Top 10 risks? That is because you are using Cloud Armor and can focus on building your advantage over competitors. 
  • Noticed a lot of similar questions from your user community? Set up a chatbot with Dialogflow / Contact Center AI. 

Google did the magic and opened cloud region in Poland!

  • Be RODO/GDPR compliant way easier, thanks to your data being physically stored in Warsaw. 
  • See your Central European customers happy, giving them low latency experience for your high-performance cloud-based solution. 
  • Deploy your applications in three independently powered zones and stay highly available with no service disruptions. 
  • Yes, the region is connected by dedicated fiber links to more than a hundred GCP Points of Presence around the globe. 

Participate in the post-pandemic economic boom and do not miss out on leveling up of your business. The perfect tool is at your doorstep. 

Pawel Beca, Technical GCP Team Leader

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