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How BlueSoft is helping Ukraine

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How BlueSoft is helping Ukraine

At this extremely difficult time for the citizens of Ukraine, our company was actively involved in helping our neighbors from the Eastern border. From fundraising activities for refugees to participating in the Tech for Ukraine campaign, we stand in solidarity with our friends from Ukraine. Find out about all our initiatives that we launched in the last three weeks.

Donation to Ukraine

As BlueSoft, we donated 50 thousand zlotys to the Polish Humanitarian Action fund. These funds will be used to provide humanitarian aid, including food and other forms of support to people still living in Ukraine, and to hep them come to our country. PAH is a Polish non-governmental organisation that has been operating since 1992. Their mission is to provide humanitarian aid all over the world.

Material aid for refugees

From long shelf-life foods, personal care and cleaning products, to medical supplies, and other non-financial aid, our company organized the supply of material aid from its Warsaw office. Due to very dynamically changing needs, our gifts for refugees are transferred to trusted foundations on an ongoing basis, which will distribute them in an appropriate manner.

Women’s Day like no other

As part of this year’s Women’s Day, our team decided to donate the budget that was going to be spent on gifts for our female employees to the Embrace Foundation. It is a newly established non-profit organization that supports women and children coming to Poland from Ukraine. The Foundation was founded by women, and initially it was created to help women in a difficult life situation.

Tech for Ukraine

We joined the Tech For Ukraine campaign, whose goal is to unite technology companies from around the world, to support non-profit organizations with tech solutions for the benefit of Ukraine. Large global companies have also joined this initiative. The company SpaceX activated satellite internet service in Ukraine through its Starlink system. This solution from Elon Musk’s company keeps the country connected to the web. AirBnb has offered free, short-term housing to Ukrainian refugees, and Polish phone carrier, Orange lowered the fees to customers who need to call Ukraine.

Recruitment of IT specialists from Ukraine

Our managers are eager to cooperate with specialists from Ukraine who want to develop in the IT industry. As a company, we value teamwork and transparency. We never lose sight of the end user, and build long-term partnerships with our clients. If you have the required skills and identify with our beliefs, you are welcome to join our growing team of 800 world-class engineers. We have launched a special webpage for tech specialists from the Eastern border where you can apply for a job:

Solidarity from employees of BlueSoft

We are extremely proud of our employees and associates, who are also individually involved in various types of campaigns, such as helping organize humanitarian aid, giving Ukrainian families a safe roof over their head, and providing them a safe enviroment, which they have not been able to experience for many days. Additionally, we decided to take care of our employees by launching free psychological support service, something that is so important during this difficult time.


For the last three weeks, our amazing BlueSoft team came together to help the people of Ukraine in the face of war in their country. Our effort to organise financial and material support will continue. Moreover, as an IT company, we decided to help our Ukraine friends using our skills, as we are determined to keep on with our engagement in the Tech for Ukraine campaign. We have also just launched a recruitment webpage for tech specialists from the Eastern border where they can apply for a job in our company. We will soon inform you about our additional initiatives for Ukraine. As Nadia Hashimi said: “It is our obligation of every person born in a safer room to open the door when someone in danger knocks”.

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