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It’s all in our company culture: what it’s like to work at BlueSoft

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It’s all in our company culture: what it’s like to work at BlueSoft

At its core, BlueSoft is (quite a large) group of software engineers who simply understand business. Apart from tailor-made solutions, we offer cloud services, IT consulting services, data solutions, system integration, DevOps, digital transformation, and much more. From chatbots to business process automation, we help our clients streamline and automate tasks to build more productive, future-proof business processes.

Today, we have over 1200 ambitious and talented people on board who are busy solving these pressing digitalization challenges. When working with us, you get to develop solutions for the top brands on the Polish market and beyond. 

We constantly get new challenges and demanding projects that require our people to continually expand their skill sets. Project requirements may also change over time. That’s why we make sure to be technology- and vendor-agnostic, use open-source solutions wherever possible, and always involve our most seasoned experts in the choice of the tech stack. 

2. We stay true to our core values

Proactive approach

We got to where we are because we take the initiative and adopt a proactive approach in our client relationships. We trust our employees to do the same and take full ownership of their work.


We aim to expand our knowledge of the technologies we use. And we never stop learning.


We do whatever it takes to build innovative software that satisfies end-users. Our teams never shy away from any opportunities to learn something new. 


There are no one-man armies. We share our knowledge openly and always look out for each other.


Whatever you choose to do, take pride in it and never give up. Our passion for what we do is what keeps us going during times and helps us deliver outstanding results. 

3. We value teamwork above all else

Our objective is to create a supportive team of people who simply feel good in each other’s company. To deepen team bonding, we often meet up and organize integration initiatives. A friendly atmosphere, unlimited knowledge sharing, and passion for helping each other are must-have ingredients for us. 

Direct communication

Direct communication is a key part of our culture. It just makes working together much easier. So, regardless of whether you’re talking to a company founder or a senior-level expert, there’s no need to address them formally. After all, they’re here to do exactly what you’re doing – building the best digital solutions possible. 

Team integration trips, company events, and community-building

We make sure that our employees are fully engaged in contributing to our shared objectives by giving them a chance to share their thoughts with the Management Board. BlueVoice is a series of meetings that allow this opportunity to every single team member.

We also organize integration trips attended by employees from all our branches twice a year. Our teams took part in at least a dozen editions of the BlueKick party. Another tradition is holding company meetings around Christmastime. Last year, we organized the first edition of the virtual BlueSoft Christmas Gala.

4. We know how to reward people for their passion

We offer a range of perks and benefits that bring value to both our employees and their families. Here are a few examples:

  • Access to the eTutor platform – You can take advantage of the biggest online language learning service in Poland free of charge. This modern platform allows users to quickly learn English and German without any stress and fully on your terms, just the way you like it.
  • English courses – Courses taught by one of the best language schools in Poland, Archibald.
  • Orange Group discounts – Our employees can benefit from group life insurance, a 50% discount on Orange telecommunications services, and many other perks.
  • Medical insurance co-financed by Bluesoft – You gain access to the Compensa Multi Zdrowie package both as individual and family packages. We keep you fit and healthy with a Multisport card that opens the doors to countless sports facilities all over the country.

5. We care about professional development

We developed a grading system to help our employees grow. Our evaluation system helps to define professional development goals based on the expectations and needs of every individual. 

Our managers check up on you early on

We organize meetings that summarize the first months of work at Bluesoft, as well as reviews in each team and each project. We make sure that you’re settling in well and quickly adapt to working in our teams. 

Annual reviews are a must-have for growth

They take place in January and include all employees who have worked with us for at least one year. If your experience doesn’t meet your expectations, we encourage you to share your feedback. Together, we can come up with a solution or find another position in our company that matches your qualifications or expectations better. 

We provide plenty of development opportunities

We make sure that your career develops according to your plan. So, if you’d like to change your role within the company or project (or even technology stack!), all it takes is contacting your supervisor. 

To make skills development more transparent, we use Bluemen, an application where you can find the professional profiles of all BlueSoft employees. You can use this space to showcase your skills, create your virtual business card, and start building your personal brand at BlueSoft.


Here’s a selection of other growth initiatives: 

Internal training

We want to help people access expert knowledge and build mechanisms that support knowledge-sharing. We created spaces for cooperation and integration not only within but also across teams. Currently, internal training happens online and the planned training topics appear in the newsletter and on the General Teams Channel. We record the training sessions organized at our premises to help people benefit from them at a convenient time. 

BlueSoft Guilds

Digital transformation impacts domains and systems that were previously isolated from each other. This is why we created special platforms for exchanging knowledge called Guilds. Guilds are a great place to expand your skills and together explore the latest technologies and approaches in the field.

Currently, we have groups covering the following topics:

  • Data / Big Data
  • Integration / Mule ESB
  • Agile / SCRUM
  • Architects – the first Guild of people with a similar role (cross-team, cross-design, cross-department). 

Unlimited access to Microsoft Learn

BlueSoft is a Microsoft Gold Partner and our employees get unlimited access to the Microsoft Learn training platform that includes 1500 training modules and 400 ready-made training paths. This includes preparation for certification exams. 

Deep Racer League 

Machine learning is on the rise and increasingly important to our projects. This is why we launched the Deep Racer League where participants get to train a model used in the context of an autonomous vehicle and explore the topic of reinforcement learning. The best models get tested in a race with real cars.   

Looking for a challenge? Join BlueSoft

If you’re an ambitious professional on the lookout for a workplace that supports your growth, we might have something for you. Check out our open positions to find a dream job across several geographical locations.

And keep in touch with us by following us on social media where we show behind-the-scenes pictures of our everyday work and special events.


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