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Making a successful Digital Transformation

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Making a successful Digital Transformation

Do you know that Digital Transformation is not only about building Software Solutions? Software is only an effector to be used within building digital advantage – but first, your Business needs to become digital native.

Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Software

Digital Transformation starts with a question of business competitive advantage in our digital world. Answering it can be supported by Business Consulting companies, who will advise you on the Digital Journey direction: vision, mission, customer definition, value proposition strategy, and business objectives – ending up with a high-level IT Strategy.

These Strategy & Business Value Streams need to be translated into Software Delivery Projects, IT Architecture, Teams & process changes to have a successful transformation. And this is a tricky part – because many companies are alone with this task, working with Software Houses which expect them to specify strict functional & technical requirements.

This natural gap between Business Consulting companies working on a strategic level – and Software Houses focused fully on technical implementation is being filled by BlueSoft’s Value Proposition for Digital Transformation – which we call Business Value Delivery Excellence.

Business Value Delivery Excellence is a set of services for Digital Transformation Program design and delivery. We focus not only on technology & software, but also on the delivery team’s topology, software delivery, and operations process, architecture reflecting business value streams, vendor unlocking, and data excellence. You don’t need to specify each aspect of the project – we start with business value streams & IT strategy, truly understanding your business objectives and supporting their achievement with digital solutions.

Business Value Delivery Excellence

Business Value Delivery Excellence

Our Business Value Delivery Excellence for creating Digital Transformation Programs is a set of services, which meets together Software, Business Objectives & Teams Organization and Culture. We focus on solution delivery, which is needed and support our Customer’s Business Strategy and Value Streams:

  • Fast Prototyping, with Generative AI adoption – an organized path for fast verification of Business Ideas leveraging the use case of AI.
  • Data-Driven Excellence – organizing your data into insightful information and creating space for fast business analytics – leveraging our lightweight data environment, Kaleidoscope; and lightweight data catalog, Glossy.
  • Minimum Awesome Product – a structured way for creating a software backlog in 2 weeks and the first software release in a maximum of 3 months – minimum scope for what is needed, when it is needed, with a feedback-driven decision. 20% of work, making 80% of effect.
  • Product Delivery Acceleration – a structured approach for reflecting business domains & value streams into architecture, teams & technology. More than just “audit” – findings, recommendations, change program, and change delivery.
  • Cloud Adoption & Migration Acceleration – a battle-proven framework for leveraging cloud: both design & delivery.
  • Platform Engineering – an organized approach for the transformation of the DevSecOps toolset into a Platform to achieve 15 minutes of provisioning time for technical resources for new or existing teams – so they can focus on the business features instead of fighting/playing with technology. Boosted with our own Internal Developer Platform: Starboost.
  • Software Supply Chain Security – making your software delivery processes impenetrable and free of backdoors with our adoption of the SLSA framework.
  • IT Operating Model Transformation – a strategic framework for organizing Delivery & Operational Teams structure, responsibilities, services, topology & skillet – into business value streams reflection and IT Strategy alignment.

Each Service has a Discovery Phase, where we plan which aligns with Business Objectives, and a Delivery Phase, where we deliver planned initiatives.

If you are interested more in our services, you can find details here.

Business Value Delivery Excellence


BlueSoft as your Digital Transformation Partner

Today, technology is changing so fast, that only companies with a deep understanding and hands-on engineering experience can deliver business-valuable insights. We do this in BlueSoft every day, partnering with our Customers in their Digital Transformations journey with advisory and delivery.

We will help you realize the potential of the newest technologies. Furthermore, we have the ability to build a solution and integrate it is a continually changing environment. And we do it end-to-end within the most convenient engagement models: fixed-price, smart body-leasing, or even success fee.

We partner with our Customers on each layer of the organization: management, business, operations & IT – with advisory and building teams together. We share responsibility for Digital Transformation outcomes, driving not only technology change, but mostly a culture & processes adoption for digitalization.

Many customers trusted us with their Digital Journey:


End-to-end Digital Transformation

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