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The Accordion project – what the BlueSoft team has achieved so far

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The Accordion project – what the BlueSoft team has achieved so far

Our team members are currently involved in several Horizon 2020 R&D projects that bring together scientific approaches and innovative technologies. The overarching goal of this project is to deliver cutting-edge solutions and platforms, allowing European businesses to leverage IoT, data, and the cloud and use them towards circular economy implementations.

One of such projects is Accordion. Its goal is to support NextGen application requirements by bringing together edge resource/infrastructures such as public clouds, on-premises infrastructures, telco resources, and end-devices. 

To increase the adoption rate of such novel technologies by European SMBs, the project will also deliver an application framework that will facilitate the transition into this innovative system. 

Read on to find out more about the Accordion project and our team’s involvement in developing it.

Accordion project – introduction

The project has been running for one year now. It will last for three years in total. 

During that one year, the project team:

  • Collected the first part of the requirements related to the platform’s functioning, data flow, QoE, 
  • Created the initial architectural assumptions, 
  • Clarified the scope of the project use cases.

Why is the project important to us?

What does participation in Accordion mean for us as BlueSoft? What value does this cooperation bring us?

Thanks to this project, we expand our knowledge and competencies in innovative technologies, establish business relationships with other project partners, and potentially adapt some of its solutions into commercial projects. Our team also gained experience in managing the infrastructure for AR applications. Additionally, by being part of Accordion, we can use additional references in our commercial projects.

What do we bring to the table?

We primarily bring our extensive experience in the field of integration, microservices, and DevOps processes. As an IT company with over 17 years of experience in various types of projects, we’re a strong partner in realizing such complex undertakings. We have a large team of specialists whose practical knowledge is a perfect match for the requirements of Accordion.

What’s happening in the project right now?

1. Component architecture

Work Package 5 led by our team aims to develop the architecture of components to be used in managing DevOps processes in the project. 

This is one of the most important aspects of the project because it defines the scope of responsibilities/functionality of a given component. The idea here is to define which component is responsible for what job, what the relationships between the individual components are, and who will be tasked with creating them.

We have initially agreed with our partners on the technological scope to be used under WP5: GitLab, MongoDB, Jenkins, Java Spring, Postgres, Angular (ngx-admin).

The choice of these technologies results from the requirements of the system users and our expert knowledge. In our opinion, this choice is optimal in terms of effectiveness, stability, and maturity of solutions.

We are also in the first phase of developing the functional and architectural relationships between individual components within WP5 and components provided by other Work Packages.

2. A dev/test environment

We have prepared a development and testing environment for the BSF team. This step allows the team to start the development work under WP5. The team can share and manage code or components.

3. DevOps process and requirements

We also collected the requirements related to the planned DevOps process from the owners of use cases and other project partners.

Our team also prepared the initial assumptions behind the DevOps process for the Accordion platform. This step results from clarifying the functional requirements for individual use cases and the general assumptions set for the Accordion platform.

Wrap up and next steps

What are the next steps for the project? Our team is going to develop individual components within the WP5. Other objectives include a demo of the DevOps process and integration with components from other WPs.

We would like to thank all the partners for their fantastic contributions to the work in WP5!

To learn more and get the latest news on the Accordion project, please visit the project’s website.


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