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What Is Digital Transformation Consulting & How Can It Help Grow Your Business?

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What Is Digital Transformation Consulting & How Can It Help Grow Your Business?

What exactly is Digital Transformation – and why you need one? It’s probably a rhetorical question after Covid-19 pandemic, but let’s focus on the very definition for a while. Digital Transformation is a program with a goal to improve Business Value Streams by introducing best-fit Technology and its delivery processes.

Ok – so we have three nouns here: Business Value Streams, Technology & Delivery Processes and Culture. Digital Transformation Program should address all those areas with the same focus – and should start with understanding of Business Value Streams.

How can you approach Digital Transformation with BlueSoft?

Knowing that we have three areas to cover – starting with Business Value Streams, through Software Delivery Culture and Technology fit, we have concluded BlueSoft Digital Transformation Framework, which addresses them all.

Our Framework is a result of company’s 20 years of experience in Software Delivery, enhanced with market-proven techniques, frameworks and approaches. Our Framework is inspired by Scrum Guide, “Engineering DevOps”, “Team Topologies”, “DevOps Handbook”, “Accelerate”, “Domain-driven Design”, Gartner’s publications, Google’s SRE, countless technology-oriented frameworks around DevOps Platforms, Microservices, API and Data Management. Being Engineers at heart, our approach assumes that Digital Transformation should be engineered – where our goal is to understand the Business Value Streams and needs – and select the best tools and operations around them to deliver our customers full-package of technology booster. We can say that we have introduced a scientific approach combined with engineering practice to address Digital Transformation.

BlueSoft Digital Transformation Framework addresses not only pure-IT related topics – but starts with Business Strategy understanding which should shape the architecture & delivery teams, mirroring the Business Model into IT Organization.

Our Framework introduces two levels on Digital Transformation approach: Strategy & Execution. Within the Strategy Level, together with our customers focus on Digital Transformation Goals – to discover what challenges the organization has and how Technology can boost Business Value Streams:

  • Within Strategy area, we conclude IT Operating Model, DevOps Maturity Assessment, Cloud Adoption Goals, Enterprise Architecture review in relation to Business Domains structure, Agile Culture and Delivery Practices review & Technology Consulting. A result of Strategy Alignment is a Digital Transformation Program, covering scope of Bespoke Solutions, Platforms, Knowledge & Know-how practices enabling – with a plan for Operating Model execution.
  • With Execution area, we co-build Bespoke Solutions, DevOps & Data Platforms, boost Agile Practices within the Teams by example of shaping them, perform Product Ownership Mentoring and perform Cloud Migrations or Monoliths decomposition into microservices – shaping modern Enterprise Architecture with our Customers.

Let’s look at the details of areas our Digital Transformation Framework.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Within Strategy Phase, we have own and market-proven analytical frameworks to build Digital Transformation Program which will match to our Customer Business Goals. We are discovering the Organization Potential, Culture and Architecture – and Business Value Streams to find improvements in Software Structure, Team Composition & Cooperation and Responsibilities Matrix. Within Digital Transformation Strategy, we have an organized, battle-proven approach for:

  • Value Stream Analysis: A look into current delivery process shape and health, based on Value Stream Mapping (VSM) workshops with respective teams, followed by a joint Root Cause Analysis (RCA) session
  • DevOps Maturity Model: Offline proprietary survey consisting of ca. 200 questions divided into 13 areas (from testing through monitoring to incident management) filled out by respective teams and aggregated. Workshop aimed at understanding the current maturity of the organization’s DevOps technology stack (Technology Heatmap)​
  • Agile Acceleration: Culture recognition by analyzing Deliver Practices, responsibilities and how IT Teams are reflecting Business Structure. Assessment on Agility Level & ownership allocation.
  • Cloud Adoption: ​Cloud Business Case, Vision, Adoption Drivers, Application Estate Assessment, and Target Migration Plan for systems to be cloud-ready. Roadmap to make it happen. More about Cloud Migration strategies here:
  • Operating Models: ​Definition of as-is and desired to-be state of IT Platforms and Delivery Teams cooperation, based on predefined models and dedicated workshops – with a plan to make it happen.
  • Platforms Strategy: Strategy for platforms delivery for stream-aligned teams – within responsibility assignment, processes enablement and delivery backlog.​
  • Bespoke Solutions Alignment: Minimum Awesome Product workshops with Business & IT Teams in order to define the backlog which will bring a value for Business.
  • Enterprise Architecture & Team Topologies: Evaluation of as-is state of architecture boundaries, teams structures and responsibilities – in order to define value streams and make recommendations for improvements.

Strategy Advisory within BlueSoft Digital Transformation Framework is not just a knowledge transition. We don’t do a Paper-Consulting: we invite Engineers and experienced managers to shape a Deliverable Program, which we co-perform with our Customers.
With cobranding – your Business Goals are ours as well.

Digital Transformation Execution

Within Digital Transformation Execution – we are not only delivering agreed scope with agreed time. At BlueSoft we believe in Partnerships with our Customers, being responsible for co-delivering the agreed Strategy. Therefore, we mentioned our Strategy Services are not a Paper-Consultings – we always focus on end-to-end delivery, making the plans and recommendations our goals.

Executing Digital Transformation Program is not only a Software Delivery – but also knowledge & know-how transition, influencing Teams Maturity & Delivery Practices, setting-up proper platforms and architecture changes necessary to make IT a booster instead of bottleneck for Business Value Streams.

As a Partner, we participate in execution of agreed Strategy, treating Customer goals as ours. We are working within agreements, which suits our Customer best (fix-price, managed-service, co-branding approach to body-leasing) within areas:

  • Bespoke Solutions & Teams building: we are building custom solutions and co-building Delivery Teams focused on software supporting business value streams. Our Teams are not afraid to take ownership and responsibility not only for software scope delivery, but mostly on business value stream it supports.
  • Agile Transformation from technology-oriented to value-oriented Teams: we transform teams and IT Organization shaped around technology to be shaped around business value streams. We hire best Agile Consultants, Agile Coaches & Scrum Masters, who are working on day-to-day delivery with Teams & Customer Managers.
  • Monoliths Decomposition: with our own Minimum Awesome Product framework, we analyze monoliths architectures and business environment to decompose them step-by-step into microservices, becoming business boosters instead of bottlenecks.
  • Platforms Delivery & Maturity boosting: we are building mature Platforms (DevOps, Data, Enterprise Architecture Repository) to provide Business Applications Delivery Teams with all necessary tools to build their applications upon it. We build the Platforms and it’s processes based on our own Starboost Framework.
  • Cloud Migrations: we perform cloud migrations with our own Cloud Enablement Framework – where we are executing the strategy for Cloud Migrations. More about how we deliver Cloud Migrations is here:
  • Enabling Knowledge, Know-how and Technology: we are not afraid to share out know-how and perspective – we want to co-build this practice with our Customers. We believe in transparency & open-source, not only in technology, but most particularly in knowledge & delivery practices.

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Enkelejd Zotaj

CIO Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine

With BlueSoft it was always possible to adopt the delivery​ plan to our needs – by alignment of our schedules and flexible priority management. BlueSoft has always been eager to support our teams and share its knowledge and know-how – thus supporting the process​ of building necessary skills and competences on our site.

Lech Pawlicki

Inter Cars Manager

In addition to high competences, team members are also distinguished by a high culture of work, which combined with the principles of the scrum framework, gives a new quality of work. This allows you to plan work in a predictable way and, on the other hand, to react quickly to increasing requirements.

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