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We are experts
We value flexibility
We cooperate by trusting each other
We are responsible

We are experts

We are engineers by passion and choice. We know the technologies on which we build dedicated solutions for our clients, which is why we are able to advise the most appropriate direction of action. We are happy to share our knowledge with our colleagues and clients. We always give 100% of ourselves.


We value flexibility

Flexibility at BlueSoft is understood as a free choice of methods, tools, technologies, and ways of achieving tasks and goals. We adapt to circumstances, not rigid rules, procedures, and schemes. We are agile. We decide for ourselves about the place where we work from: office, home, or hybrid. At BlueSoft, we have the space to develop our competencies in various areas and to change our career path.


We cooperate by trusting each other

At BlueSoft, we believe that team play is the key to success. We focus on combining the knowledge and talents of each of us, and the foundation of this approach is mutual trust. It is trust that enables us to cooperate effectively within and between teams.


We are responsible

At BlueSoft, we create an environment in which everyone can show initiative, propose their own solution and take full responsibility for it. We listen to each other because we know that everyone’s opinion can be of great value in the business development of our company. We keep our word and do not make empty declarations, bearing all the consequences of our actions.


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Perks & Benefits

Home office

Remote work from any place in the world…

Great office

… but we have also a great office with PlayStation, pool and table football!

Themed breakfast

Every Monday morning we eat for free – together.

Caribbean sea cruises

We can also take you on Fryderyk Chopin sailboat – this is awesome!


We love our corporate events!

Flexible working hours

We value your time, work just has to be done.

MultiSport card

That is obvious, isn’t it?

Medical care

We want you to feel well – so we take care.

English lessons

Get a chance to improve your language skills.

Career opportunities

Everyone – regardless of the role and project – has the option of cloud certification, which we fully finance.

That's what we are!

Read what our colleagues think about working in BlueSoft.

Justyna Karwowska

Junior Project Manager

“I like BlueSoft for innovative projects in many areas, which provide great opportunities for development. BlueSoft is, above all, inspiring people who are the motivation for action and create a friendly atmosphere as you can always count on their support. This makes working in this company a pleasure.”

Krzysztof Hałasa


„In BlueSoft I love two values. First is – there is always somebody to learn from, no matter how experienced you are. People working here are world-class experts, eager to share their knowledge and skills in how to do it. The second is – BlueSoft is really a customer-centric company. BlueSoft offer is shaped into discovering and addressing real Customer needs. Technology is only a tool – we are not focused on our products or services but on actual Customer satisfaction and success. This allows me to look at the software as a part of a bigger picture, and build partner relations with my Customers where I feel an important part, no matter how big is the Organization I am working with.”

Anna Kusa

People&Culture Specialist

“What I appreciate most about BlueSoft is the trust in the employee, openness to my own initiative, and flexibility in the approach to remote working. It is a place where I feel that my opinion is taken into account.”

Bartosz Pietroń


„I love working in BlueSoft thanks to people, who passionately approach their job, are open-minded and helpful. You can define the career process with your manager and develop skills that you find useful. Perks? Monday’s breakfasts, Wednesday’s fruits, a new office, and a great chill room with a pool and foosball tournaments. 😊”

Klaudia Steckiewicz

Project Office and Board Assistant

“BlueSoft creates a harmonious team of people who are passionate about achieving their professional goals while creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. With us, every day is different, so my time is filled with interesting and exciting projects. What distinguishes us is a real path of professional development in the direction of your choice – and in this will help you be the best experts.”

Sebastian Nowak


“If you’re looking for stability, great benefits, and a great work environment, I highly recommend this company. Lots of attention is paid to details, and there is always time for employees to share any concerns or ideas they may have. Culture is the perfect balance between fun and professionalism, and everyone is there to help.”

Martyna Wiśniewska

Office Assistant

“Working at Bluesoft has shown me that it’s possible to work and extract a lot of pleasure from it. Frequent events make me more relaxed. I like to meet new people who are very open and talkative. The modern office design makes my work pleasant and comfortable, and for me as a receptionist, this is very important.”

Piotr Ziętek

Head of Data Services

“BlueSoft is a place where people share the same professional DNA and a common goal – deliver IT projects. Since 2010 I have had a possibility to challenge myself and set goals which later, I have the opportunity to realize among great people and IT experts”

Meet our HR Team!

Katarzyna Walter de Walthoffen

Katarzyna Walter de Walthoffen

HR Business Partner

Kamila Wójcik

Kamila Wójcik

HR Business Partner

Joanna Bereszyńska

Joanna Bereszyńska

HR Business Partner

Anna Kusa

Anna Kusa

People & Culture Specialist

Ewa Grochowska

Ewa Grochowska

Training Specialist

Danuta Mularczyk

Danuta Mularczyk

HR Manager

Recruitment process - what do we do before we meet you on a board?

Respecting your time, we focus on a quick process based on partnership relations. We make sure that you feel comfortable at every stage of the talks.


First, a specialist from our HR team will call you to ask about the most important elements of your CV. After the initial interview, he will arrange an interview during which we will verify your skills. This is also the time when you will likely meet your supervisor. We will get back to you later with feedback. If it turns out that you are what we are looking for – welcome on board! 🙂

Phone interview

Phone interview

Meeting with Team manager and technical verification

Meeting with Team manager and technical verification

Providing substantive feedback

Providing substantive feedback

Welcome on board!

Welcome on board!


When is the salary paid each month?

At BlueSoft we settle cooperation in design via a process of reporting and accepting hours. Payments are carried out on the 10th day of the month. The delay can only take place when the employee does not settle the hours worked on time, i.e. by the end of the month preceding the payment.

How will I be supported in my personal growth and development?

We believe your growth is important so you can expect numerous learning opportunities. In addition to sharing knowledge with a group of associates, you can benefit from external training and the mentoring services of in-house experts. You can also take advantage of an e-learning platform that you can use at any time.

We work with a code review practicing program as a way to learn and simultaneously minimize errors in software development. This way, we reduce the risk of malfunctioning and increase customer satisfaction.

When it comes to soft skills, we offer training in assertiveness, team collaboration, feedback, and much more. Our programs also cover topics related to balancing and living a healthy lifestyle, such as “Healthy Spine” and “Stress Management.”

BlueSoft organizes brown bag sessions and you can attend various other formal and informal learning events.

What happens when the project for which I was recruited ends?

We employ people focusing on long-term cooperation, keeping our wide client portfolio and a large variety of projects in mind. This allows us to offer our employees participation in other projects after their initial one too.

Will I work for clients or directly for Bluesoft?

We recruit for various projects and many are implemented for external clients. However, most people work on-site in our offices. If the project requires you to work at the client’s premises you will be informed about this during the recruitment process.

How does the recruitment process work?

We aim for the recruitment process to be as short as possible. In most cases, we start with a conversation with the recruiter who is responsible for the position you applied for (you can find their contact details on the vacancy page). The goal of this conversation is to confirm that the role you’ve chosen is the best match for you. We consider both your competencies and your expectations.

In many cases, we can decide to offer cooperation after a single meeting. During this meeting all the involved people on our side are present: an expert responsible for substantive verification, your potential future supervisor, and an HR supervisor. We’ll tell you about the project and team, the technology stack, and the types of challenges you will face. For some positions, substantive verification is carried out in the form of a test.

You can count on an answer at each stage – we inform you about the status. We try to contact the candidates within 7 days of sending the application. However, sometimes it happens that we need more time to analyze all submitted CVs.

What questions can I expect at the meeting?

The purpose of all recruitment meetings is to verify substantive skills, predispositions, and soft skills. You can expect questions about the technologies related to the position and we’ll ask you about your projects, including non-commercial ones. We like to pose questions that show us how you think and come up with solutions. Placing great value on competencies like teamwork, flexibility, and independence, we will search for confirmation that these values ​​are also important to you.

I applied to Bluesoft and my candidacy was rejected. Is it still possible to apply for other positions in the company or participate in other projects?

Yes, it sure is. If you are interested in several offers, you can apply for any. The fact that your application was rejected for one project does not mean that your competences won’t be exactly what we are looking for in another. We often come back to candidates with other offers better suited to their profile and competence.

Do I need to speak English when I apply for a position at Bluesoft?

In certain positions knowledge of English is required. If this is the case, we always state it in the vacancy.

There are also many positions in which knowledge of English at the level of understanding technical documentation is sufficient. Anyone who would like to improve their English proficiency is offered the opportunity to study directly in the office in small groups.

Where can I find more information about working at Bluesoft?

You will find a lot of information about who we are and how we work on our website. We also invite you to our profile on Facebook, where you can meet us from the kitchen. We also share content on our profile on LinkedIn.

Feel free to contact the HR department directly

If you have specific questions about your application, please contact the recruiter responsible for the offer you applied for. Haven’t applied yet? We encourage you to send us your CV first, so we can schedule a face-to-face meeting if your profile matches what we’re looking for.

How does BlueSoft ensure a good working atmosphere and team building?

We work hard but we play hard too. We organize various events throughout the year to create a fun and enjoyable working climate. You can join us for various social events – including boat cruises! – and there’s a team budget available to celebrate the completion of a project.

Which technologies do you work with most often / in which technologies can I develop myself?

We program most projects in Java but we’re skilled to work with about 200 different technologies in-house. We pride ourselves in working technology and vendor agnostic. Our choices depend on the requirements of our client and the project at hand.

What type of contract is proposed to candidates?

The basic form of cooperation is a B2B contract. We usually offer a long-term cooperation for an indefinite period. People who are just starting their career path, can optionally choose for a mandate contract. In both cases, leave must be added to your rate.

Can I send my CV if there is currently no offer that interests me?

Yes – and we encourage it! If you’re interested to join us, simply submit your CV. New offers appear several times a week and we consider all applications. People with appealing profiles are recommended to the team managers that might see them as a good fit.

Is it possible to work remotely and to what extent?

Yes, it’s possible to work from home or other locations. The number of days is determined on a case-to-case basis with the manager of the given project or team. Depending on your experience and level of independence you can use this option to a greater extent. At this point in time (due to Covid-19), we’re all working remotely.

What will be my working hours?

When you join our team, you are paid for the number of hours worked. The start and end time of working days can be individually determined. We allow for flexibility. Some start as early as 6 am, others prefer to work later in the day. In certain cases, however, like the implementation stage of a project, it is important that you work at the same time as the rest of the team.

What about overtime and working on weekends?

Most projects do not require overtime. Especially not on the weekends. In some situations, like the implementation phase of a project, it can be needed to work outside the standard working hours to accommodate for the client’s needs. In these cases, additional remuneration is paid.

Is there a dress code in the office?

There is no official dress code in our company. Most employees prefer casual or sports styles. Basically, it’s “casual Friday” every day 😉.

Everything is clear?

Join us - join BlueSoft!