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AI development services

From NLP to unsupervised learning – we help you hire artificial intelligence when the human one is too valuable of a resource and make Machine Learning work for your enterprise.
With experience across multiple industries, we have the know-how to create solutions that add value to your business. Whether you want to infuse AI into existing applications or build entirely new ones, we can make it happen across a wide range of use cases. Our method is fully transparent and we transfer our knowledge in the process.

AI development services

Our Approach: AI services company

BlueSoft builds complex AI, ML, and Data Science platforms and delivers algorithms from scratch in the most transparent fashion. You can focus on coining the proper hypotheses – we do the rest.

  • Multiple ML Algorithms – From supervised or unsupervised machine learning algorithms to reinforcement learning with algorithm examples, like regression or classification – we help you set it up properly.
  • Effective Training Program – We provide a verified and tested training program to master languages such as Python, Spark, and Scala.
  • The Smartest AI – To create models that achieve optimal results and add the highest business value, we cooperate with PhDs from leading Polish universities.
  • Customer Intelligence – We support Customer Intelligence with intelligent ChatBots, VoiceBots, targeting cross-selling, up-selling, etc., and more to guide your customers through your offer and increase sales leveraging AI.
  • Broad Services – We can also provide a wide range of related services, such as end-to-end pipeline orchestration, datasets validation and quality checks, data profiling, and predictive analytics.
  • Short Time-To-Market – BlueSoft leverages tools and managed services from top cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure to boost the time-to-market factor.
  • Transparent Methods – We work according to a full transparency methodology and bring knowledge and experience to the table that’s accumulated across industries.
  • Full Knowledge Transfer – We transfer our knowledge to help you build in-house competencies. With our “from zero to hero” approach, we train people on every level.

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Our Process: AI consulting company

From defining the use case to executing the model, our AI and ML experts guide you through the whole process step by step with full disclosure. We work with dedicated teams that enable you to make intelligent decisions along the way.

Define Use Case


Define Use Case

Design Model


Design Model

Gather Data


Gather Data

Execute Model


Execute Model

Train & Learn


Train & Learn

We Make Cutting-Edge Technologies Work To Their Fullest Capabilities

We stay on top of best practices and patterns and master more than 200 technologies. Keeping a strong focus on in-house R&D puts us a few steps ahead of the curve at all times.

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AWS Rekognition
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Amazon Machine Learning
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Jasper Reports
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Our Team

Meet some of the highly qualified, forward-looking engineers and consultants who know how to make AI work for your enterprise.

Piotr Ziętek

Piotr Ziętek

Head of Data Services

Wiktor Ptasiński

Wiktor Ptasiński

Head of Dach Operation

Success Stories

Our AI & ML Projects

Facing complex tasks or problems that involve large amounts of data and lots of variables? Our AI & ML services are both broad and deep. Discover some of the projects we completed for Customers from industries like banking, logistics, and retail and get inspired.

Raiffeisen Bank International
API Management & Governance for Raiffeisen Bank International AG
Banking and Financial Services

API Management & Governance for Raiffeisen Bank International AG

RBI’s vision is to boost internal openness via APIs to enable superior customer experience, re-usability and innovation. Bluesoft together with RBI set the API governance practices, technical standards, and built API Management platform based on KONG API Gateway. BlueSoft designed APIs for key banking industry domains implemented by the Raiffeisen Bank International Group subsidiaries.
Agama API Santander Case Study
Banking and Financial Services

Agama API Santander Case Study

To implement the requirements of the Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) and improve access to new commercial solutions, Santander Bank Polska implemented a solution based on the Agama API framework, appropriately customized to meet the current needs of the Bank.
Raiffeisen Bank
Lending solution for consumers for Raiffeisen Bank Croatia
Banking and Financial Services

Lending solution for consumers for Raiffeisen Bank Croatia

Nowadays many banks worldwide introduce new solutions for the sake of customer experience. Digital transformation of the banking sector is prevalent and resulted from the extremely demanding pace of keeping up with the most sophisticated applications tailored to specific business needs. Lending solutions do take a great part in this race and up-to-date applications enable customers to go through a lending process and get the desired amount of money just in a few minutes. To drive my point home let’s see how it has been done in Croatia in more detail.
Raiffeisen Bank
Raiffeisen Bank Hrvatska is transforming its data architecture towards a Data-Driven approach
Banking and Financial Services

Raiffeisen Bank Hrvatska is transforming its data architecture towards a Data-Driven approach

Reduced impact of changes applied in source systems on data consumers
The auto-generated ETL code limits human error factor in the data flows
Aggregating several data sources creates a single source of truth for the data consumers
Internal Agile teams build their solutions on top of the prepared data architecture


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Tomasz Wróbel

Director of Central Applictions Department at ING Bank Śląski

BlueSoft, as one of ING Bank Śląski’s strategic suppliers, built for us an innovative system supporting multi-channel operational and marketing communications with our clients. Assuming full responsibility for the project, BlueSoft displayed reliability and superb quality of the deliverables at any stage of the project.

Karol Wasiowski

Main Business Application Development Specialist at Sprawiedliwi Portal

Flexibility and quality oriented team of BlueSoft’s specialists allowed us to launch innovative portal Polish Righteous. Competency and good relationship with BlueSoft will surely lead us to successful implementation of next project phase.

Nilo Paredes

Global Digital Marketing Lead, Business Technology at Zoetis

When Zoetis launched in 2013, we set out to transform our global digital operations.
BlueSoft was not only an integral part of that digital transformation but they also helped us improve our performance across both technology and delivery. BlueSoft has become a trusted partner in Zoetis’ ecosystem

Maciej Barczuk

Processes Optimization Expert, Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA

Building multi-channel solutions has become the key challenge for the banking sector, which is undergoing a digital transformation. BlueSoft, our trusted IT partner, has supported Raiffeisen Polbank in developing an innovative mobile payment system throughout the entire development cycle. Moreover, the best agile practices, used by BlueSoft, have aided us in the process of transforming and perfecting our work environment.

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