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Data Governance

Gain control over your data assets, methods, and technologies. BlueSoft helps you ensure that you can trust your data and the processes around it – throughout your organization. 
Data ownership, lineage, quality, security or catalogue? We cover the full spectrum and with our lightweight workshops you can jumpstart your Data Governance initiatives at any point in time. 
With knowledge and competencies built on proven frameworks and best practices from the DPGO and DAMA, our specialists are skilled to help you implement the right toolset and procedures in order to do more with accurate data

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Data Governance

Our Approach

Focusing on  Agile foundations open-source  tools and technologies , we encourage you to think big but help you start small. We cover the basic spectrum of Data Governance services and frameworks.

  • Data Discovery  Join BlueSoft’s experts on our Data Discovery workshops first. We are skilled to help you identify quick wins and discover an excellent MVP candidate for your organization.
  • Complete Frameworks No data are left out of sight. Our 360 degree view on Data  drives how the enterprise takes care of data and data processes across the entire organization.
  • Extensive Experience Across Industries We can help you avoid common traps and mitigate risk thanks to our long-term experience in various industries, like insurance, life science, and logistics.
  • Partnership Approach We value the partnership approach between vendor and customer in the data-driven journey and make sure this is honored throughout.

Our Team

Meet some of the Data Governance specialists that enable full trust in your organization’s data.

Piotr Ziętek

Piotr Ziętek

Head of Data Services

Maciej Kossakowski

Maciej Kossakowski

Senior Solution Architect

Radosław Stępnikowski

Radosław Stępnikowski

Project Manager

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