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Automation is the key to increasing the effectiveness of a business. NLP (Natural Language Processing), RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and business process automation are the technologies of the future which determine your competitive advantage today.

What is automation?

Automation is a technology which helps to improve a company’s effectiveness, whether by robotization of repetitive, tedious tasks performed by office workers, replacing customer service with speech recognition algorithms or eliminating the human element in the correct functioning of business processes. Well-planned automation has a significant influence on cost reduction and improves an organization’s productivity while making it possible to regain employees’ time for creative tasks and initiatives. Automation is the trend of the future which BlueSoft successfully implements and promotes today!

What processes are worth automating?

Mainly repetitive, time-consuming and large-volume processes. Process robotization is useful in numerous business areas, such as:

  • Accounting processes (Financial Process Automation) – registering and booking invoices, preparing reports, monitoring payments and reporting.
  • Logistics – monitoring shipments, invoicing, debt recovery, communication with clients.
  • Customer service – support in correspondence, conducting customer satisfaction surveys, checking statuses, support in complaint handling process
  • HR processes – support in remuneration and benefit processes, handling commissions, monitoring leaves and absences.
  • Data input – automatic data exchange between numerous systems such as CRM, ERP, spreadsheets, etc.
  • HelpDesk processes – automatic account creation, password reset, checking status of submitted requests.

Automation criteria

What criteria should a process meet for it to be automatable?

  • It should be repetitive and based on clearly-defined rules.
  • It should have ordered and structured input data.
  • It should require a medium or large workload.
  • It should be characterized by a large volume or volume spikes.
  • It should be prone to human error.

Automation benefits

Correct implementation of business process automation tools can bring the following benefits in a short time:

  • lower operational costs
  • resilience against spikes in the number of requests
  • 24/7 operation
  • decrease in number of mistakes
  • improvement of customer and employee satisfaction
  • decrease of service time

Our offer

As part of our offer, we provide comprehensive implementation of projects related to Business Process Automation.

  • Strategy development for automation usage

  • Process Analysis (AS-IS), target process architecture design (TO-BE)

  • Calculation of potential savings and fit-for-purpose technology selection

  • Comprehensive implementation of the solution

  • Effectiveness monitoring of implemented solution

  • Robots optimization and maintenance

  • Customer Robotic Competence Centre building – your own Robotic Team

  • Workshops and trainings

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – full or partial realization. We provide flexible settlement models, success-fee included.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is automation of business processes at the level of user interface, using the existing environment instead of costly IT projects. RPA means an increase in the speed of performing tasks which were done manually before, as well as an improvement in employees’ satisfaction with a simultaneous reduction of costs and number of errors in the process. Our specialists have performed numerous successful projects which significantly increased the effectiveness of businesses.

Mr Wolf

A separate type of robot is Mr Wolf, our original tool. It is a business process automation platform which, in contrast to RPA, does not operate at the level of user interface but rather at the level of integration services, databases and back-end information processing. Mr Wolf helps us to automate over 250,000 requests per quarter for one of our partners who operates on the mass market.

Mr Wolf has been supporting us for half a year in solving users’ requests for one of our biggest clients. Our platform enabled them to reduce the costs of performing such a service by automating over 30% out of 250,000 requests per quarter.


BeeBot enables the automation of communication from various sources, such as:

  • Classic chat on a website (e.g. LiveChat),
  • Facebook Messenger,
  • e-mail.

BeeBot can be integrated with the client’s existing systems, so it can carry out the same services for the customer as were previously performed by a consultant. The necessary information is automatically downloaded from the required systems and presented to the customer during the conversation.

By using machine learning, our bot can polish its skills, and the accuracy of its answers improves with each conversation.


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