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Azure Cloud

Your business needs what is best on the market

Azure Cloud Platform

Fast, reliable platform, to host your business applications. An easy way to quickly deliver your ideas to your customers. Transform your existing applications to modern technology so that you can be more successful with your business.

In BlueSoft we understand it and we know how to help you with use of Microsoft Azure public cloud.

Whether you are a small business or a large Enterprise, our Azure experts will help you leverage Azure as a Platform to build your powerful business solutions. Right from initial assessment, auditing and planning up to Azure deployment and support, at BlueSoft we will help you with all your Microsoft Azure requirements.

We are The Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, with our proven competencies we know how to meet a variety of business and technical requirements, and drive it into successful implementation.

Our teams build long-term technology roadmaps and offer high-end consulting to implement your cloud architecture through modern technology solutions using the power of the Azure cloud.

We enable you to meet all your digital transformation needs with Azure cloud and modern computing cloud solutions.

Example areas where we can help you

Architecting solutions based on Microsoft Azure

BlueSoft’s Azure Team has experience in architecting solutions based purely on Microsoft Azure infrastructure. We have successfully delivered projects from various areas. Our recently developed competency is the SAP  on Azure (HANA and ERP) where we can move your SAP systems into next level. Learn more.

We do projects like:

  • Lift & Shift – migrations of existing systems to Azure,
  • SAP on Azure – full migrations, hybrid DR solutions,
  • Design solutions based on IaaS (Windows, Linux), PaaS (AKS, ACI, Serverless) and SaaS (projects, implementation) Azure offers,
  • Design, implement data warehousing systems,
  • Architect and tune Identity Management solutions on Azure,
  • App Services (Web Apps, Logic Apps, API Apps),
  • Automation and Batch Computing.

Architect solutions that are using Microsoft Azure solutions

Pure cloud-based solutions are good but sometimes the public cloud is just a part of the solution. We have experience in the integration of external systems and applications with Microsoft Azure. Architecting of hybrid solutions, bursting scenarios, dev/test based solutions.

We can help you with:

  • System/Applications integration with Microsoft Azure,
  • Design, tune Azure Policies,
  • Identity Management,
  • Storage Solutions (Azure Storage, Data Lake),
  • DB Solutions (Azure SQL DB/MySQL/PostgreSQL, CosmosDB, SQL DW),
  • Analytic Solutions (Azure SQL DW, Databricks, HDInsight, Stream Analytics, Azure Data Explorer, Data Lake Analytics, Analysis Services, Event Hubs / Event Grid, Data Factory) ,
  • Billing Analytics,
  • Resource Management / Blueprints / Resource Graph.

Operations and support

You have an Azure-based application, that’s great! We can help you with projects that require running of existing Azure-based solutions provide you support on all levels, especially including SME level. We can perform analysis and give recommendations on how to improve work.

Put us in when you need help with:

  • Operations,
  • Monitoring (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS),
  • Log Analytics,
  • Network Monitoring,
  • Security / Compliance.

Automation and DevOps solutions

Modern applications require automation. At BlueSoft we are experienced in automation of DevOps pipelines including automatic infrastructure provisioning as well as full CI/CD application delivery solutions. Live is much easier if things get done automatically.

We can make your life easier with:

  • Automation,
  • Azure DevOps,
  • Terraform,
  • Azure Resource Manager,
  • Jenkins,
  • Lab Services.


Finally, we do various tasks related to consulting activities. You do not have to crawl through every problem and discover possibilities just to learn that they are not for you. We have done a lot of projects and we can share our expertise with you, so you can focus on the best solution right from the beginning. Our team can transfer knowledge and experience, perform workshops, run PoC, and many more.

Consulting offering includes the following areas:

  • Identity,
  • Policy,
  • Security / Compliance,
  • Lift & Shift,
  • Migration,
  • Data Solutions,
  • Automation.