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Business Processes and Order Management

Business Processes

Business processes are not sophisticated tools. They constitute a new perspective on the functioning of a company. When properly defined, they allow it to function effectively. Business Process Management was developed to help manage critical company processes efficiently. Properly modelled processes are the best starting point for overall control and development of the company. With BPM we are guaranteed that the processes – automated or not – are optimized in accordance with the proper course and without any unnecessary activities. Properly designed process environments enable constant monitoring and optimization of modelled processes, which directly translates into more efficient functioning of the company.


There is a misperception in some companies that if you a buy a BPMS, your processes will improve, but you really need to reorient your thinking, management and strategic goals around your business processes before you start with any technology, or you won’t get the benefits that you are expecting

Sandy Kemsley

BlueSoft consultants will provide your company with comprehensive realization of BPM projects. They will assist you at every stage – from process analysis and modelling through optimization and implementation. We utilize leading commercial solutions, such as ARIS, Enterprise Architect as well as our own open source tools from APERTE series. Our knowledge and experience combined with the highest competence in system integration and order management guarantee a leap forward for your company.


Business process management provides governance of a business’s process environment to improve agility and operational performance


Order Management

After introducing a process model in a company, the automation of accepted order processes becomes natural. An Order Management system should be used for this purpose.

Order Management ensures comprehensive order handling. Full repeatability, compliance with the defined business processes, fast order handling and flexibility are only a few of the benefits of our Order Management solution. OM will bring beneficial changes to your business through:

Business process control

Our Order Management system is built on BPM. The order is decomposed into processes that are then properly synchronized using business rules.

Order visualization

The course of each order can be easily verified with the order visualization module. It allows the consultant to clearly see the current stage of the order.

Traffic prioritization and control

Assigning priorities to orders (for example depending on their type or group the ordering client belongs to) is a perfect way to automatically ensure preference of orders that are critical for the business. What is more, System Order Management enables configurable traffic control. It is possible, for example, to suspend order processing in the direction of the system in the event of a failure or maintenance.

Order buffering

Production flow is rarely monotonous. In order to prevent failures, at the points of increased traffic, the system enables order buffering. Suspended orders will be processed at a rate that does not threaten the integration platform.

Modification of open orders

Defining business scenarios where the consultant can change the order attributes, e.g. delivery method, service configuration, etc. This way, without it being necessary to recall or replace the order, we can provide our clients with better services.

Automation of error handling

Systematic error communication enables the creation of automated error correction engines.

Monitoring (BAM)

Business process monitoring is essential for their optimization. With our Business Activity Monitoring module we can improve existing processes, which in turn improves the client relations management level.

Our experience

BlueSoft has plenty of experience in building, developing and maintaining Order Management class systems. Our highly qualified team of designers and analysts has been working with the largest Polish telecom companies for many years. Tens of thousands of orders are completed every day with our support.

Our experience enables us to improve the efficiency of order handling in your company.