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CO3 Connect. Communicate. Cooperate. Europe’s Leading Real-Time Road Transportation Visibility

The holistic platform enabling end-to-end communication in Transport/Logistic.

Main benefits

  • Handling end-to-end communication between Forwarder and Carrier
  • High Volume Data and High Availability Architecture by design
  • Cloud-based solutions leveraging microservice architecture


Industry: Transport/Logistics Location: Poland


AWS: Lambda, DynamoDB, EKS Java, Python, KeyCloak, MySQL, NoSQL, Docker/Kubernetes, Microservices

“IT is a driver for our business value, therefore we need an IT solution and a Partner that helps us deliver this value to our Customers. BlueSoft delivers both

Grzegorz Patynek, Co-Founder/Managing Director


CO3 wanted to build a platform that would allow exchanging business documents like CMR or Transport Order between contractors (Shipper and Carrier). The basic goal of the system is to share transportation signal from Carrier Telematic Provider to Forwarder  order execution time period. Because of changing market requirements, the main focus for the future of the platform was providing seamless scalability for High Volume data requests while maintaining High Availability at the same time.


Bluesoft’s solution addressed these requirements by providing a serverless architecture that can be easily scaled up thanks to a fully containerized environment hosted on AWS Cloud. The platform was designed using a multitier approach to gain flexibility in each solution layer thanks to BlueSoft’s technology agnostic  we were able to leverage the best tools to achieve main goals such us optimizing data storage solutions per data source type Business features are served as independent Microservices such as Integrated Telematics Hub or Transport Document Exchange and others. Solution security is governed by KeyCloak as Identity Access Manager leveraging advanced authentication and authorization method based on OAuth 2.0.


Leveraging Agile approach enabled us to deliver a tailored solution on a very short schedule. The platform stands as a competitor to current market leaders recognized as a High Volume and High Available solution with 360o view for Customer needs.

By employing Agile and Lean principles we were able to quickly deliver a serverless, microservices based solution with fully implemented CI/CD pipelines. The platform is in the Continuous Improvement process and is being constantly enhanced.

Solution in numbers

monitor up to 1M+ vehicles

easily-scale up to handle 2M+ API calls per minute

dynamic messages storage up to 95TB