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ING Bank Śląski

Millions of messages daily, one innovative solution – Communication Engine


  • Deploying a central component to manage operational communications
  • Modular architecture of the solution for continuously developing the application
  • Processing millions of events and communications daily
  • Possibility to dynamically adjust communication content depending on a client and communication channel


Industry: Banking
Location: Poland


Apache Kafka, Oracle, J2EE, REST

BlueSoft, as one of ING Bank Śląski’s strategic suppliers, built for us an innovative system supporting multi-channel operational and marketing communications with our clients. Assuming full responsibility for the project, BlueSoft displayed reliability and superb quality of the deliverables at any stage of the project.

Tomasz Wróbel, Director of Central Applictions Department


ING, as one of the biggest banks in Poland, took it upon itself to face the challenge of structuring and uniforming operational communications with its clients over a variety of communication channels. The objective was to create a common denominator in the form of a uniform and common language semantics as a business event determining the final communication sent to the client.

What was of key importance from the business point of view, apart from standardizing the operational communications, was the possibility of adding marketing content to the communications regarding the aforementioned processed events.

Due to the fact that client satisfaction is our top priority, we approached the task with full openness and commitment.


BlueSoft created a flexible and efficient solution based on the Kafka database which can be vastly and freely adjusted in the course of further development with new functionalities and communication channels. Because we were working to a very tight schedule, BlueSoft team paid particular attention to using all resources efficiently. The agile approach to completing each functionality ensured particular project stages adding new communication channels and functionalities to be completed in a timely fashion and to the client’s specifications.

What was of utmost importance in the course of the project was efficient and seamless cooperation between BlueSoft and ING. Despite the distance between the teams and key project participants, we were able to prove that we can complete large-scale solutions with a dispersed team.


What made the Communication Engine (CE) project successful was preparing the technological solution based on an innovative technology stack. Developing a uniform event, language semantics and its operation for the entire ecosystem already bore fruit during UAT testing which confirmed that the deliverable was free from any critical functional errors.

Currently CE is the central engine processing events it receives, on the basis of which it generates operational communications with clients over dedicated communication channels.
Not only did deploying the CE solution optimize the costs and improve the process on the client’s side, but it also became centrally controlled, unlike its predecessor.

Solution in numbers

System Integrations

From batch services to micro services

Enterprise Architecture

From small businesses to corporate solutions

Dedicated Solutions

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Communication Engine – operational communications management

Millions of messages daily, one innovative solution - Communication Engine

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Stream processing platform in ING Bank Śląski

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