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CRM Solutions

From sales automation to interactive marketing

What is CRM?

What is imperative in contemporary business is changing the strategy from product-oriented to that focusing primarily on clients’ needs.
The answer to this challenge is a vast array of CRM applications.
CRM systems make it possible to manage the entire life cycle of client data and communication strategy across all communication channels.
Consolidation of client transaction data means more efficient marketing efforts:

  • Acquisition: Efficient lead identification, singling out prospects and finally converting them into clients.
  • Up-sell / x-sell: An offer tailor-made for particular clients based on their transaction history and current preferences.
  • Retention: Monitoring client satisfaction in order to avoid the churn phenomenon.

Consequently, CRM makes it possible to maximize revenue from existing clients and reduce client service costs while ensuring excellent client service processes.

CRM challenges?

Most big organizations have already implemented a CRM system, yet a large proportion of those implementations has not yielded the desired results.
It is often associated with the following challenges:

  • The CRM investment and the designed functionalities fail to translate into actual return on investment. (ROI)
  • Separating CRM from immediate business problems by overly concentrating on the technology and insufficiently analyzing the business and documenting processes.
  • Lack of a clever strategy for integrating CRM with existing IT ecosystem, and for sharing information among communication channels.
  • Insufficient scalability of CRM in answer to increasing client data volume from existing and new sources (e.g. social media).
  • Target users tend to be unwilling to accept CRM applications, oftentimes due to excessive complexity of the solution or inexhaustive training.
  • Badly chosen partners for implementing the system.

Why choose CRM solutions from BlueSoft?

Several reasons why it is advisable to embark on the CRM journey with BlueSoft:

  • Our portfolio includes any-scale CRM implementations (local, global) and implementations in a variety of industries (telecommunications, healthcare).
  • We boast ample knowledge of business analysis techniques and technical knowledge of the most popular operating CRM solutions (SalesForce, PeopleSoft) and MCM (IBM Unica, SAS Campaign).

We have a deep understanding of both CRM and related areas:

  • EAI and MDM (CRM is nothing without reliable client data available on time)
  • We have experience in developing linearly scalable systems for banking based on the latest technologies. We are perfectly familiar with User Experience (UX) concepts and we understand, that a CRM system must, above all, be end-user-friendly.

CRM technologies we are using

BlueSoft's services

Application services

  • Application development
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  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Legacy application reshaping
  • Application migration services


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  • IT outsourcing (all about flexibility)
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