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What does DevOps mean to us?

„Currently, DevOps is more like a philosophical movement, not yet a precise collection of practices, descriptive or prescriptive.”

Gene Kim, IT Revolution Founder

DevOps is not just tools and technologies – first and foremost it is a teamwork organization culture.  DevOps is people, their knowledge and developing their competences, and only among those do such elements as appropriate IT architectural foundations, creative and management processes, supported by proper tools, come into place.   The key principles that somewhat comprise the DevOps foundations are:

  • Compliance with the Agile approach and the Lean principles
  • No barriers between development (“Dev”) and operations (“Ops”) teams
  • Constant enhancement of the Consultants’ competences and knowledge
  • Transparent cooperation with Clients
  • Sharing knowledge and responsibility
  • Using Continuous X practices (Integration/Delivery/Development/Feedback/Improvement)

DevOps at BlueSoft is:

  • Wide support possibilities (A to Z)
  • Experienced and tight-knit team
  • Innovative technologies and tools
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Quality Assurance
  • Transfer of knowledge in a transparent fashion

Key competences and services in DevOps


Deployment Pipeline

We can help you to build comprehensive delivery process that will be crafted to your needs. It can be fully automated, from application lifecycle management to provisioning of production environment and deployment.

cloud solutions, Iaas, SaaS

DevOps Coaching

You’re struggling to fully adopt Continuous Integration/Delivery processes? We can help you to remove your bottlenecks and give advice regarding toolchain and technologies so you can maximize outcomes of DevOps adoption.

Managed services

Team Transformation

Leveraging wide market experience, BlueSoft can help you to prepare complex DevOps transformation plan built on an evolution of the work methodology (not a revolution). Your organization can easily benefit from our best practices to gradually apply Continuous Improvement approach.

Our experience with DevOps

Continuous Delivery in the banking sector

  • Preparing a reference environment for Continuous Integration as part of the project
  • Supporting deployment pipeline development within the bank team
  • Optimizing the use of the tools and technologies
  • Knowledge transfer and training
  • Preparing team for transformation to the full DevOps model

Global Continuous Integration in the cloud

  • Developing and building the Continuous Integration process embedded on an AWS cloud
  • Automation of code development and deployment to test and production environments
  • Ensuring business continuity during technical and administrative works – “Zero down-time”
  • Full monitoring and pro-active error detection algorithms

DevOps Excellence Center

  • Building a private cloud for BlueSoft’s internal purposes
  • Centralizing the use of the tools and technologies
  • Transforming and reorganizing the work of the project teams
  • Internal training and knowledge transfer between consultants
  • Using Continuous Improvement practices owing to deploying the Kaizen approach
UMM Zoetis – CIAM class solution

Users from more than 40 countries use the Zoetis application owing to a solution supplied by BlueSoft and leveraging Amazon Web Services

Loyalty platform

LOT Polish Airlines builds relations with its clients more effectively using BlueSoft’s loyalty platform.

CO3 Connect. Communicate. Cooperate.

The holistic platform enabling end-to-end communication in Transport/Logistic.

Card payment upon parcel delivery (COD)

First deployment of a card payment system upon parcel delivery on the Polish courier market (COD - Cash on Delivery) strengthens DPD’s position as market leader that is open to the client’s needs.

Microservices-based integration platform for

A scalable microservices-based integration platform in a cloud environment for handling large numbers of requests

Big Data ecosystem for ING Bank Slaski

Gigabytes of data arriving daily, terabytes of data processed in a dispersed Big Data ecosystem.

Vendor Consolidation

Over the years, Teleoperator has successfully implemented a number of complex projects with short “time to market”

Idea Cloud – cloud banking

BlueSoft has designed and implemented an innovative IT solution for Idea Bank SA. It ensures utilizing functionalities and relaying communications between IT systems constituting the first cloud banking system in Poland - “Idea Cloud”

Innovative one-click purchase robot for Polarbulk
Stream processing platform in ING Bank Śląski

BlueSoft has supported ING Bank Śląski in implementing a new platform for processing and analyzing data in real time.

Communication Engine – operational communications management

Millions of messages daily, one innovative solution - Communication Engine

NFC HCE application Mobile Wallet

BlueSoft developed and deployed the Mobile Wallet app which provides mobile phone payments using NFC HCE technology.

Building Advanced Analytics workspace in Raiffeisen Bank

BlueSoft has supported Raiffeisen Bank International in designing and implementing Advanced Analytics Workspace, an explorative, on-demand analytical environment.

Stream processing platform in ING Bank Śląski

BlueSoft has supported ING Bank Śląski in implementing a new platform for processing and analyzing data in real time.

SAP Hybris implementation in Telco

BlueSoft has helped one of the biggest Polish telecoms operators in conducting a digital transformation.

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Piotr Ziętek
Big Data & DevOps Unit Manager
Are you implementing DevOps Culture? We can help you!