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Our solutions is not just an online shop, but rather a comprehensive solution which transforms sales

People don’t call it e-commerce anymore. It’s called omni-commerce and it’s the idea that digital permeates every step of the purchase chain from product discovery to trial to pricing to actual purchase.

Tolman Geffs, co-president of Jordan, Edmiston Group (JEGI)

We cooperate with major companies to help them optimize their sales processes. Our solutions are dedicated both to B2C and B2B clients.

How does BlueSoft stand out?

At BlueSoft, we have prepared a special e-commerce platform offer for our Clients. This is possible owing to our 15 years’ experience in IT and a vast array of services on offer.

Unlike interactive agencies, we also specialize in such areas as IT architecture, IT service deployments, IT system integration and system security.
Contrary to other IT suppliers, we bring our Clients in on creating strategies, analyze customer journey, deal with UX, CX. We also build mock-ups.

This makes our offer comprehensive – from an idea on the drawing board to a ready solution. We run all stages of projects.
In cooperation with the Client, we participate in the entire design process, addressing the changing market needs and requirements. Our solutions are flexible and our methodologies are agile, which enables us to quickly respond to changes in business environments and to lower implementation costs.

Our solution

The solution we offer is not simply an online shop, but above all a comprehensive solution which – apart from omni-channel sales – enables the Client to render the following services:

monitoring and planning (reports and analytics)

    • detailed live monitoring

    • current verification of sales plans and any metrics

    • analysis of customer behaviour

concurrent process management

    • provisioning

    • fraud detection, building customer profiles

    • marketing

    • future and existing stock-taking

    • communication with customers

support of all points of contact

    • points of sales

    • infoline

    • selfcare

    • support for every stage of customer journey

mobile devices

    • we offer one, responsive solution

    • ideally suited for full convenience and ergonomics

Our customers

We have had experience with a variety of industries. Our Clients include both large institutions from the banking, logistics, insurance, pharmaceutical and airline sectors and entities operating on the retail market. We cooperate, among others, with major telecommunications companies to help them optimize their sales processes. Our solutions are dedicated both to B2C and B2B clients.

Technologies used in e-commerce

We present tailor-made solutions. Our focus is on supporting the Client’s business strategy through a team of business and technical consultants who pick a solution suited to the needs (not the other way round).
We offer highly advanced solutions which require integration, high-performance and complexity, as well as smaller which focus mostly on proper configuration of existing tools.
Our offer includes solutions based on Magento, SAP Hybris, BroadLeaf, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Pimcore and also our proprietary products.

Building Advanced Analytics workspace in Raiffeisen Bank

BlueSoft has supported Raiffeisen Bank International in designing and implementing Advanced Analytics Workspace, an explorative, on-demand analytical environment.

Idea Cloud – cloud banking

BlueSoft has designed and implemented an innovative IT solution for Idea Bank SA. It ensures utilizing functionalities and relaying communications between IT systems constituting the first cloud banking system in Poland - “Idea Cloud”

UMM Zoetis – CIAM class solution

Users from more than 40 countries use the Zoetis application owing to a solution supplied by BlueSoft and leveraging Amazon Web Services

Innovative one-click purchase robot for Polarbulk
Implementation of portal with use of Drupal technology

Drupal technology leveraged for portal gives an opportunity to display almost 1,000 stories of rescue with the use of modern mass media

Card payment upon parcel delivery (COD)

First deployment of a card payment system upon parcel delivery on the Polish courier market (COD - Cash on Delivery) strengthens DPD’s position as market leader that is open to the client’s needs.

Enterprise service bus for Zoetis

Over 100 apllications use enterprise service bus built by BlueSoft

SAP Hybris implementation in Telco

BlueSoft has helped one of the biggest Polish telecoms operators in conducting a digital transformation.

Big Data ecosystem for ING Bank Slaski

Gigabytes of data arriving daily, terabytes of data processed in a dispersed Big Data ecosystem.

Implementing a ESB cluster based on WSO2 solutions

BlueSoft designed and implemented a service separation solution in HA architecture for WSO2 ESB

Loyalty platform

LOT Polish Airlines builds relations with its clients more effectively using BlueSoft’s loyalty platform.

NFC HCE application Mobile Wallet

BlueSoft developed and deployed the Mobile Wallet app which provides mobile phone payments using NFC HCE technology.

Communication Engine – operational communications management

Millions of messages daily, one innovative solution - Communication Engine

Stream processing platform in ING Bank Śląski

BlueSoft has supported ING Bank Śląski in implementing a new platform for processing and analyzing data in real time.

CO3 Connect. Communicate. Cooperate.

The holistic platform enabling end-to-end communication in Transport/Logistic.

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