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Robotic Process Automation

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Constant streamlining of business processes is, on the one hand, necessary for maintaining a high standard of services, and on the other hand, very costly. The processes should be optimized in such a way that employees devote as much time as possible delivering value to clients instead of carrying out administrative tasks and handling IT tools. The frequent practices of typing data from spreadsheets into systems or filling in essential, but technologically obsolete forms can nowadays be automated using Robotic Process Automation platforms.

Robots created on RPA platforms are lightweight applications which “learn” to carry out processes by registering steps performed by the employee. The robots’ interaction with systems is based on user interface, which enables replacing people in tedious tasks which do not require a creative approach.

Challenges in automation

  • Improving process performance without disorganization of work
  • Streamlining processes in an agile manner, without costly and lengthy projects
  • Replacing employees in doing tedious, repetitive tasks
  • Decreasing process performance costs and increasing clients’ satisfaction
  • Building an automation culture and competence in an enterprise
  • Ensuring quick-to-use and effective automation tools for the business

Advantages of Robotic Process Automation

  • Real 24/7 work
  • Elimination of human-made mistakes in business processes
  • Ensuring process coherence and auditability
  • Engaging employees in working for the client instead of performing repetitive (and boring) tasks
  • A tool speaking the language of business – a legible “code”
  • Easy automation – the initiative of automation requires IT support, but it can be conducted by business representatives who know the basics of process automation

RPA platforms

Start automating your processes!

In order for an RPA project to be successful, you need to start by selecting the right scope of processes which can be robotized. BlueSoft consultants will help you to indicate the scope of initial automation and select processes which are suitable for further RPA projects. At first, you can look into several criteria:

  • Is the process repetitive?
  • Are the principles of the process clearly defined and rule-based (if… then…)?
  • Does the process have a large volume of cases?
  • Is the input of good quality? Is the data format defined? Do scanned documents have a high resolution?

Why BlueSoft?

  • Huge experience in process automation (BPM, e-commerce solutions, maintenance automation)
  • Automation culture present in the company (we also streamline our own processes)
  • Trained and certified RPA specialists
  • We have created a product for process automation at the level of system integration