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Web & Mobile solutions

From mobile payments to telemedicine

What is Web & Mobile?

Nowadays, the Internet is unquestionably the most popular and efficient information carrier.
It is estimated that as of 2016 approximately 45 per cent of the world population has access to this medium.
Moreover, more than 50 per cent of people have already switched to smart phones, which made constant digital media access more of a standard, rather than a luxury.
Additional audiovisual communication channels and social media have caused the details of both private lives and businesses to become a commodity and an integral part of marketing efforts.
It is hardly surprising that shopping is best done “online”, that it is possible to pay at a gas station with a mobile device, that it is able to save a person’s life by monitoring its owner’s vitals and calling emergency and providing exact coordinates.
It is also the case in business.
Most successful companies have long reached for Web&Mobile solutions in order to track KPIs in real time, to be able to instantly react in emergencies or, simply, to boost efficiency by conveniently accessing information, e-mails and communication channels round the clock.


Humanity has become increasingly dependent on information and its carriers have come to be key aspects of private lives and business, even in the army and international politics.
That is why BlueSoft, having understood the power of those technologies, has created the Web&Mobile Competence Center.

Web & Mobile challenges?

The biggest challenges Web&Mobile is facing are:

  • Mobile device market dynamics – hundreds of new devices are created annually only to become obsolete after merely 2 or 3 years.
  • Technological development dynamics – new technologies, both software and hardware, set the pace for companies to adapt if they do not want to stay behind.
  • Security – ensuring data security in an environment where various forms of communication permeate is becoming an ever more interesting challenge.
  • Product efficiency – on the market flooded with a variety of applications, portals and services, what counts is luck and a high-quality, to-the-point solution with excellent User Experience.

Why BlueSoft is the perfect partner to the Web & Mobile?

Several reasons why BlueSoft is an excellent partner for implementing Web&Mobile solutions:

  • Our portfolio includes more than 10 years’ experience in the industry and over 100 completed projects at home and worldwide.
  • A dedicated team of over 60 Web&Mobile specialists guarantee quality and efficiency.
  • Cooperating with industry leaders, we are always up to speed in terms of cutting-edge technologies.
  • Our portfolio is diverse: financial and information applications, eCommerce, entertainment, etc.

We are competent in all leading technologies:

  • Android, iOS, WindowsPhone, PhoneGap, Unity

We support cutting-edge hardware-based solutions:

    • Beacons, NFC, WristBands, SmartWatch, Virtual Reality systems, external sensors, etc.
    • Our team also specializes in User Experience – graphic artists, security specialists and Web&Mobile analysts.

Web & Mobile technologies we are using

BlueSoft's services

Application services

  • Application development
  • Application maintenance & support
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Legacy application reshaping
  • Application migration services


IT Outsourcing services

  • IT outsourcing (all about flexibility)
  • Application management
  • Systems integration
  • Consulting services