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Enterprise Architecture (EA)

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What is an Enterprise Architecture (EA)?

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a way of looking at an organization as a complex system which must be well designed so as to ensure its seamless evolution in line with changing business strategy.
Effective enterprise architecture (EA) provides full integration of data, applications and processes within a company and creates a structure in whose framework it is possible to continuously manage change.
Certain benefits arising from implementing EA include:

  • Harmonization of business needs and IT functionalities.
  • Reduction of operational costs by sharing key services across an organization.
  • Simplification of IT landscape which fosters making conscious technological decisions and their prompt implementation.
  • Ensuring the foundations for heterogenic system architecture (avoiding the vendor lock-in phenomenon).
  • Boosting ROI and minimizing risk associated with infrastructure investments.

The scope of enterprise architecture (EA) is defined by 4 classic dimensions:

  • Time: What is the time horizon of the target architecture?
  • Domain: What areas should the architecture encompass: business, data, applications, technology?
  • Depth: What should the architecture define: principles, patterns, models?
  • Width: What organization is the architecture to focus on: the whole organization, integration, security?

Enterprise Architecture (EA) challenges?

The main symptoms of badly implemented enterprise architecture include:

  • Ivory tower: Creating abstract architectures rather than ones suitable to day-to-day business needs.
  • Paper tigers: Generating mountains of documentation which do not yield measurable results.
  • The big bang: Lack of appropriate scaling and phasing of architecture products.
  • Lack of elevator pitch: focusing on technicalities and ignoring “soft skills”.

Why BlueSoft is a good EA partner?

We offer consulting services as part of determining architectural functions within organizations, as well as planning and developing the enterprise architecture (EA) itself together with strategic initiatives.
Several reasons for which BlueSoft is an excellent EA partner:

  • BlueSoft’s background is in the area of EAI, which only differs from EA in that it takes a panoramic look at IT.
  • Our consultants hold TOGAF9 certificates and they have hands-on experience in alternative approaches (e.g. DYA).
  • We have experience in carrying out reorganization initiatives in global Fortune 500 companies.

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