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Implementing a ESB cluster based on WSO2 solutions

BlueSoft designed and implemented a service separation solution in HA architecture for WSO2 ESB

Main benefits

  • High availability of the integration platform thanks to HA infrastructure
  • Increasing scalability and security of services by launching an additional node in a different country
  • Reduced time of business operations performance


Industry: Construction
Location: Poland/Global


Nginx (load balancer), WSO2 ESB, WSO2 DSS, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, HA, Clustering

“BlueSoft’s consultants’ support in ensuring stability and scalability of the integration platform was essential in the context of developing trust in the integration bus as a central component of the IT architecture”

Tomasz Stańczyk, Head of IT Service Design Team


Along with the development of the platform and the resulting need to decrease the growing data access time, Budimex decided to expand the platform with an additional node based on WSO2 solutions.
When conducting technical updates of the environment in order to ensure high availability and scalability of the platform, it was necessary to maintain business continuity in the whole organization.

Another challenge was the need to coordinate works in the geographically dispersed environment with limited possibilities of testing the stability of the whole solution.


The integration platform expanded by BlueSoft was built in HA infrastructure based on clusters with implementation and configuration of services on WSO2 ESB/DSS.

Apart from the node existing already in Poland, another one was launched in Spain, and the traffic was divided by using load-balancers which also work in separate dedicated clusters, in accordance with the spirit of HA.


The proposed solution significantly reduced the time of access to data and introduced mechanisms which will provide scalability upon further expansion. The highest possible availability of the environment in the event of failure of any of the nodes was also ensured.

Number of services on the platform


Reduction of time of access to data

Competence centers which participated in the project


From project planning to operational intelligence

System Integrations

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Implementing a ESB cluster based on WSO2 solutions

BlueSoft designed and implemented a service separation solution in HA architecture for WSO2 ESB

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