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Innovative one-click purchase robot for Polarbulk

Main benefits:

  • Purchase robot based on open-source and AWS services
  • EHF-standard (PEPPOL BIS) compatible; innovative in norwegian market
  • Enables employees to efficiently place orders from any vendor in the same interface
  • Platform ready for SaaS provisioning


Industry: Construction & Real Estate
Lokation: Norway


Amazon WebServices, Shopizer, Camunda, mySQL, Shopizer, Amazon ElasticSearch

„BlueSoft supported us in creating a solution, which increases efficiency and can be offered to customers in a SaaS model. This was our first IT initiative with a larger scope and lead to a strategic partnership and cooperation with BlueSoft”

Hallvar Dehli, CEO & Founder Polarbulk


When assisting partners (in this case plumbing services providers), Polarbulk is manoeuvering through tons of different materials and specialized products, provided by several producers and wholesalers. Our partners are facing an inefficient and time-consuming purchase process. It involves having to negotiate several framework deals with each wholesaler, check multiple websites when looking for products and use different interfaces when placing orders; email, webshops, phone, etc.

We wanted to streamline the process for our partners, enabling them to search for and order any product from any wholesaler in one solution.

The solution also saves time and reduces cost for the wholesaler. The customers are able to do a lot on their own, and any communication between the parties is done in a structured and efficient manner.


When BlueSoft and Polarbulk first met, the meeting ended with a high-level architecture plan and scope of the analysis phase. While analysing multiple options of integrations with wholesalers, the project group decided to use the new EHF standard (Electronic Trade Format, widely used in B2B in Norway, driven forward by the public sector), based on the European PEPPOL standard.

As a presentation layer, Bluesoft proposed a solution based on Shopizer, with Camunda support in the backend. The robot is being provisioned in AWS Cloud. This approach creates a scalable solution based on SaaS, while using stable open-source software for cost optimization. The project format was based on 2-week sprints, with 100% transparency on the progress, creating awareness on providing IT Services with best practice.


The Purchase Robot was developed and implemented as planned in 3 months, including change requests. By utilizing cloud solutions from AWS, the maintenance cost and entry barrier for the solution was kept low. Polarbulk and its clients were able to keep the focus on their core business during the process and quickly get access to the newly developed tool.

The transparent approach and knowledge sharing of IT Services during the project started a long term partner relationship between Polarbulk and BlueSoft.

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