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System for Managing Working Time in Human Resources

Control, manage and report working time in a project, task or contract.

What is nBlues?                                      

The nBlues system was created for companies focused on operational activity based on projects or contracts with external employees. It streamlines the process of settling reported working hours with employees and can be delivered in the form of SaaS as well as On-Premise.  

nBlues allows you to indicate unassigned working time at the employee level and assign it to a new project or task.

An additional benefit of using the system may be the possibility to control the profitability of projects and tasks on the basis of personnel costs and to calculate employees’ remuneration for completed projects, jobs or tasks.

The nBlues software can be integrated with any accounting or payroll system.

Main benefits of nBlues implementation


Limit and manage working time per project, task, employee, etc.


Generate working time reports in any time frame


Track your project, task or employee profitability


Locate subordinate human resources according to current team capabilities

nBlues components

Project management

The project management component enables introducing projects into the system, within which jobs and tasks are to be carried out.


The reporting module enables sending queries about a user (employee), project, company, department or copyrighted work, covering any range of time. Reports are generated in .xlsx files. The basic report contains the following columns: project/phase/task/person/date/time.

Hour approval

The hour approval component enables ongoing control by enabling displaying, accepting or rejecting the time reported by an employee in a given project or task.

Copyrighted work registration

The copyrighted work registration module enables the use of all options of the nBlues system within the scope of an introduced contract for copyrighted work concluded with a supplier.

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