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Our products

User Management Module is  a CIAM class tool, for secure and GDPR compliant identity management, user authentication and resource access management.

  • Full coverage of CIAM processes, self-service capabilities
  • GDPR ready
  • Consent management module going beyond GDPR req.
  • Support for common authentication protocols (OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, SAML)
  • Data encryption and data residency control
  • Customizable and configurable UI components
  • Identity federation, social media support, dedicated connectors
  • Easy application integration( SDK, API, iFrame)

Cloud based Interface as a Service platform for system  integration independent on technology or operational model.

  • Cloud (SaaS) or on premise hosted
  • No setup costs (in SaaS), very short time-to-market
  • ETL, online interfaces, micro-services
  • Data mapping, monitoring, processing automation and reusability
  • HA architecture, world wide coverage, AWS based scalability
  • Standard interfaces for: SFDC, WorkDay, SharePoint, Jira, Service Now

Jiver System is a set of BPMS-class tools that support modelling, testing, implementation, execution and monitoring of business and technical processes in a company.

  • Generic and customizable inventory, dictionary
  • Customizable, dynamic event driven processes
  • Open architecture – exchangeable components
  • Process monitoring and reach monitoring tools support
  • Support for: SOAP, HTTP(S), XML, JDBC, FTP/SFTP
  • Direct Software AG WebMethods integration
  • Transactional processing, scalable, HA cluster
  • High efficiency, multi-threading, async. processing

Agama API Management platform enables comprehensive management of services (API) in an organization along with monetization of their usage.

  • Compliant with PSD2 regulation
  • Possible to deploy in a cloud or on premises thanks to dockerisation
  • Horizontally and vertically scalable
  • Based on open-source technologies
  • Microservice architecture
  • API calls monetization feature set

Simil system is a knowledge base to effectively consume information stored in Registration Systems, Document Repositories, Databases etc. With Simil, user can search, compare and classify various types of documents, came from many sources. It is very useful for helpdesk systems, where incident classification and duplicates detection are crucial.

Multichannel automatic customer assistant – chat bot.

  • Automated FAQ and www navigation assistant
  • Multisource – LiveChat, Messenger, e-mail
  • Easy integrable with other communication channels
  • Elastic cost model
  • Graph based machine learning
  • Possibility of off-line communication
  • SaaS or on premises model
  • UI – behavioural graphs designer

Rapid Integration Suite is a group of products designed by BlueSoft to speed-up developing integration solutions from analysis to delivery phase.

Mobile Banking for individual customers.

  • Safe and simple way of logging in – through the fingerprint of the lib Touch ID
  • Android i iOS
  • Integration with electronic banking system
  • Personalization of the start screen, product preview, BLIK payments
  • Scalability thanks to the AWS cloud support

Aperte Workflow is an Open-Source BPMN Enginee. With Aperte Workflow you can build applications, which implements Business Processes in your organization.

Business process automation platform for Contact center, HelpDesk, Support teams.

  • Backend side automation
  • Reduced maintenance/support  effort and costs
  • Scalability and ability to handle peak usage
  • Issues history, statistics and reporting
  • Flexibility and ability to develop new process definitions
  • Open-source based solution

Amazing Test Analyser is a raporting tool for HP Quallity Center. With our application, users can consume friendly user interface, which fasten analysis of solution being tested, and speed-up decisive processes around testing.

HAB is an innovative and flexible IT solution which automates processing scheduled events and managing field staff teams.

  • Full control over order chain
  • Modular, cost effective, fast deployment and setup
  • Configurable and integrable with existing components of client’s architecture
  • GIS systems integration
  • Elastic reports, dedicated diagrams
  • Route tracking and monitoring

Main benefits of DMM (Data Management Module) implementation

  • UNIFICATION – Use data prepared according to a single standard.
  • CENTRALISATION – Aggregate data from all your agents, contractors, distributors or customers in one place.
  • CONTROL – Control possible lacks in sources or data mapping with all your contractors.
  • ANALYSIS – WUse aggregated sales data at the brand, customer, contractor, market or regional level to draw up detailed reports.
  • DATA TIMELINESS – Make decisions based on data aggregated almost real-time.