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  • Orchestration is a core service that automates resource allocation to microservices
  • For service visibility Monitoring presents consolidated logs and performance metrics of all system layers on system dashboard
  • Service Discovery states as source of information about network location of all instances
  • Service Integration is a layer between all services abstracting network and decoupling services in a platform-agnostic manner
  • Load balancing and High Availability provide uninterrupted access to microservices
  • Ease of access for third party developers is assured by API Management with traffic and API monitoring, management and monetization
  • UI Composition is the framework that glue parts of user interface implemented by each microservice
  • Security & Compliance services support user identity management and policy enforcement in all levels. It is also a place to store all your secrets and configuration

adopted technologies

internal and external services


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From monolith to microservices and DevOps – it can boost the process of transformation

BlueSoft will support you in case of knowledge and technological skills during the entire transformation process.

Focus on delivering the business value rather than on technical details of implementation

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