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Amazing Test Analyser

Amazing Test Analyser

Amazing Test Analyser provides access to reporting functions for HP Quality Center through a clear, graphical user interface. The data provided this way allows the user to perform an analysis of the test environment and, therefore, make some of the key decisions earlier. Interactive on-line reports are secured with ACL, so miniature the authorized users can access them from any place in the network.

Amazing Test Analyser

Modern Interactive Reports

Presented reports are built using JavaScript – a HTML5-compliant technology. The results are interactive data graphs and listings with a complex UX, which facilitates and accelerates the interpretation of the information they contain. The reports can be configured according to the user’s needs and saved as bitmaps or PDF documents.

SAAS-Based Solution

The SaaS (Software as a Service) model eliminates the need to install and execute the program on the client’s computer, so that neither hardware nor the work environment have to be adjusted in any way. Amazing Test Analyser can be run from any web browser without the need to install any additional plugins. Default UI is embedded in Liferay, which ensures an effective way of presenting data and secures it with a high-quality access control system.

Interactive Reports

ATA reports utilize HTML5-compliant JavaScript technology available in most well-known frameworks (e.g. JQuery). It allows a better adjustment of reports usability and ensures a more complete interaction with the presented data graphs and listings. It doesn’t require additional plugins for browsers, therefore the reports always work the same way on every platform. In addition, with AJAX technology the presented data is automatically refreshed and the system can be treated as a multimedia presentation. The application does not limit the the form of the report in any way – available options include graphs (line, area, column, bar, pie and hybrid), data listings (Data Grid), search engines and descriptive forms thanks to WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

Reports on the Portal

The reporting application is based on CMS/ECM system Liferay, therefore it is possible to integrate it with CMS, ECM and CRM systems of every company. Liferay allows the company to freely manage its information on the website. What is more, it provides a complex resource access control module, user, group and system role management module, it also features an extensive and flexible workflow for business processes. The above-mentioned feature of the portal ensures a highly effective presentation of reports at any place on the website for selected individuals.

E-mail Notifications

Delivery of notifications concerning the state of the tested systems to dedicated e-mail addresses enables the testing teams to react to problems faster. A specialized module saves and shares their reaction times. E-mail notifications can be freely configured so that the selected notifications are delivered to chosen e-mail addresses. What is more, the proper colour-coordinating of the most important elements of the notification allows the user to promptly locate the essential information.

Request Work Progress

A specialized module in the portal creates reports on the current progress of the works on a given request within the tested system. Using Progress Bar for every request allows the user to visually assess how much time is left to exceed the agreed SLA time for any given system. The module also shows all the staff who work on solving the problems in every request.

The search engine allows the user to quickly locate the proper request and browse its full history. Essential details of the data listing are always marked, which increases its readability.