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Aperte Workflow as a platform for business process management (BPM)

More than just BPMN

What is Aperte Workflow?

Aperte Workflow is complete platform based on Open Source license, which is a development base for BPMN 2.0 oriented systems with many user interfaces, business plugins and add-ons.

Aperte Workflow

The main clue for Aperte development is easy translation from business requirements to technical solutions. How we want to manage it?

  • Continues development and change oriented code, with independent OSGi plugins system;
  • Common business requirements orientated – most features are common customers requests;
  • Open Source – one can download and use it for commercial projects without additional license costs;
  • Based on modern but basic technologies, widely known within developers: HTML5, Spring, jQuery, jBPM

What makes Aperte Workflow different?

Aperte Workflow is platform targeted for constant change and code modifications – to impement new requirements and change-request as fast as possible. Classic solutions enforce one, right direction and a lot of work-arounds are necessary. We know the pain of it, so we wanted to make Aperte as flexible as it is possible. Implement Your own solutions using OSGi plugins system and for more advanced modifications – change core as You seem fit – its just simple JSP pages integrated with Spring controllers. No custom made format.


Data model

Classic workflow platform

Main application model closed, hard to integrate with custom.

Aperte Workflow

OSGi plugin based model enchacments, easy to add additional tables or process/case attributes.

Code modifications

Slow process of work-arounds.

Add own separate code using plugins or modify core easily

Process Engine

Strong integration with only one engine.

BPMN Engine abstraction – You don’t like jBPM? Replace it easily with something else.

Ready-to-use components

Big, corporate solutions target.

Use Aperte Workflow in complicated, corporate architecture or just remove unnecessary plugins and use it for small application.


High cost solution or cut of features.

All based on LGPL.

What for I can use Aperte Workflow?

Implement business processes and cases inside organization intranet. Migrate application from “simple data base” and paper-based document processing to fully automate system:

  • Integrate with external systems;
  • EDMS – Electronic Document Management System;
  • Automation of repetable and operational human tasks, validation of data to lower process errors and lower organization cost;
  • Decision Support.

How to use Aperte Workflow?

Download Aperte Workflow and change it for Your needs. Select plugins witch You can use or change. Add additional for Your custom made features (like specific organizational model). You can use of main features:

  • A rich set of OSGI plug-ins;
  • Responsive UI: mobile devices support
  • Liferay integration – application can be run as portlet or standalone app
  • Process and cases versioning
  • Scalability

Aperte Workflow: Case Management

New approach for workflow management in company. It is answer for fast changing business procedures and long running application processes. Instead of few long processes, make one case instance as main data entity and run from it many simple and short processes.

As process is divided into step (automatic and human), case splits to stages. There is separate definition (form, available processes to run from) for all stages, so one is able to customize case look and validation options according to current case status:

  • Versioning of cases definitions;
  • Run different processes according to case current stage;
  • Custom mappers to copy information to and from cases from processes.

In order to learn more about Aperte Workflow please visit aperteworkflow