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What is it?

ECMAScript is an object-based, script programming language, standardized by the ECMA association. Its most popular implementations include JavaScript, JScript and ActionScript, whose specification is marked ECMA-262 and ISO/IEC 16262.

ECMAScript – 6th edition

It has been many years since ECMAScript – 5th edition was released. During this time, JavaScript has become one of the most important Web application languages and gave rise to revolutionary libraries and frameworks, such as Angular JS, Backbone or Ember JS. ECMAScript – 6th edition is an evolution of JavaScript.
The new specification includes:

Classes and inheritance

new directives, such as class, extends super. Interestingly, prototypal inheritance is still at the core of JavaScript, thus solutions based on the previous edition of ECMAScript are compatible with the current issue

Functions with sagittal calling

simplifying creating callbacks “inline”

Perfected variable range

via let directive

Promise objects

assuming the callback function with resolve and reject variables as a parameter


known from such library implementations as Require JS

BlueSoft has already completed many implementations based on ECMAScript – 6th edition, even though the solution is still very young.

BlueSoft has successfully implemented many projects in this area. We will happily present our portfolio directly as well as answer more questions about technology itself and benefits to be brought by its implementation.

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