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Google Cloud Machine Learning Platform

What is it?

Google Machine Learning Platform is an innovative service providing machine learning algorithms for Google Cloud users. Google ML is a manageable platform which allows easy building of machine learning platforms. The models created may work with a variety of data types and with large volumes owing to Google Cloud ML being integrated with other Google Cloud products.

Google Cloud also makes it possible to utilize the capabilities of the Tensor Flow deep learning framework which is used for production purposes by many popular Google products, for example Google Photos, Google Search (voice searching), Google Translate, Google Inbox (so-called smart reply).

The platform allows building models of any size and to scale the necessary infrastructure (nota bene powered by high-performance graphic processing units – GPU). The models created are instantaneously prepared for use and shared via a predictive platform which handles thousands of parallel enquires and terabytes of data. Google Cloud Machine Learning is integrated with Google Cloud Dataflow which supports data pre-processing, as well as with Google Cloud Storage which is responsible for uninterrupted access to stored information.

Google Cloud enables using the infrastructure in several typical ways:


makes it possible to build a model on the basis of collected data and then to use it for predicting future trends and events


allows allocating an object to a category. For instance, generating “tags” for images, allocating categories to documents, assigning groups to which a particular product user belongs.

Moreover, Google Cloud Machine Learning allows using time-tested and validated models without it being necessary to adjust them. Examples of such machine learning interfaces include:

Translate API

a mechanism used by Google Translate. Makes it possible to translate texts through an appropriate API request. It is not necessary to build a model prior to that – we use a product that has already been tested

Speech API

sound analysis. Provides for building a text based on a sound file. It can be used, for example, for voice searching

Vision API

Makes it possible to understand image content, read handwriting, etc.

Natural Language API

With the help of this tool texts may be processed, understood and put into a category.

When using the APIs mentioned above it is not necessary to build a model based on own data – we use already accessible, time-tested models, which is why we achieve excellent results in no time and without incurring model building costs.

What distinguishes Google Cloud Machine Learning from other available environments is the possibility to utilize the Tensor Flow framework capabilities. The system allows using neuron networks and so-called deep learning within its own applications to build yet more advanced functions.

Example uses of Google Cloud Machine Learning:

Sound-based speech recognition (Google Speech API)

Fraud detection – detecting suspicious financial transactions, spam filtering

Recommendations – recommending content suited to particular users, predictive content loading, improving UX applications

Predicting market needs (e.g. for goods available in a particular region, for processing power in a region, for energy resources)

Targeted marketing – allocating appropriate advertisements to users, choosing appropriate marketing campaigns based on user profiles, cross-selling, up-selling

Content classification – categorizing documents, allocating documents to individuals (e.g. connecting candidate CVs to HR departments)

Resignation forecasting – finding subscribers who may unsubscribe, finding clients who may switch from a free plan to a paid subscription

Customer service – predictive forwarding of messages from clients (e.g. directly to an appropriate department based on message content), social media analysis.

It can also be used for less commercial purposes, e.g.:

Image-based face recognition (Cloud Vision API)

Decoding brain signals, analyzing neuropsychological data

Car telemetry

Plane and train delays

Estimating the risk of disease incidence (e.g. cancer, heart disease)

Image- and handwriting-based character recognition

Our experience

BlueSoft successfully uses the Google Cloud Machine Learning technology at its clients representing a variety of industries (e.g. financial, telecoms or life science), while our expertise allows us to fully utilize its possibilities.

Our company has ample experience in the realm of business analysis, which helps our clients choose appropriate issues that can be improved using machine learning algorithms. We then deploy them with the help of our team of experienced developers, analysts and architects.

Google Cloud Machine Learning is a platform which, if properly used, is highly beneficial to organizations, yet what is essential is an experienced team familiar with Data Science. Only then will the benefits be great and immense business value will be extrapolated from the data at hand.

BlueSoft has successfully implemented many projects in this area. We will happily present our portfolio directly as well as answer more questions about technology itself and benefits to be brought by its implementation.

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