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The most popular reporting engine


JasperReports® is a tool that comes through where traditional reporting solutions perform the worst, i.e. in any situation in which the requirements, both functional and non-functional, stand in the way of using a ready, out-of-the-box solution. Examples include dedicated apps which use reporting functionalities for presenting data in a graphical form, e.g. system monitoring apps.

JasperReports, Jasper Reports, Jasper

JasperReports® Library is the most popular, open-source reporting engine. It allows to define advanced reports and embed them in one’s own apps. Owing to a long and constantly expanded list of connectors, JasperReports® may utilize virtually any repository. Huge report configuration possibilities allow to define both classic reports and advanced dashboards. Due to it being open-source, JasperReports® can be used without incurring any licencing costs. Not only is it a reporting engine, but it is also a family of tools for creating a more classic BI solution based on a centralized server grouping all reports within an organization.

JasperReports® Server is a reporting server which enables to share and distribute reports between users within an organization.

JasperReports® Studio is an Eclipse-based tool which provides its users with a friendly interface for defining and building reports based on JasperReports® Library.

BlueSoft has ample experience in completing projects using JasperReports®.

Technology website: JasperReports® Library

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