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Leverage Mule ESB as the basis for digital transformation and architect customer journeys from reusable services

BlueSoft will help you in transformation process.

Our services

Mule deployment

Mule ESB deployment

  • Execution of both global and local Mule ESB setups (CE / EE)
  • Integration with leading SaaS providers (Salesforce, Workday, Anaplan) and enterprise platforms (SAP, Oracle, Temenos)
  • Employment of best practices around HA, fault tolerance and security
  • Definition of implementation standards and integration patterns
  • CI / CD pipeline provisioning and Mule containerization
  • Mule 3 to Mule 4 migrations
cloud migration

Cloud migration

  • Delivery of “best-of-both-worlds” integration setup: Mule ESB on AWS
  • Full support from our certified AWS solutions architecture team
  • “Push button” ESB environment provisioning through our very own CloudFormation template based on Mule ESB CE
  • Mule platform auto-scaling to meet your business needs (no more guessing about capacity)
  • Support in selecting most cost-effective deployment model: on-demand, reserved, spot
Microservices adoption

Microservice adoption

  • Comprehensive roadmaps for architecture transformation towards microservices
  • Introduction of PACE-layered designs in the form of experience, process and system APIs
  • Splitting monoliths through “strangling” legacy apps with Mule ESB
  • Implementation of microservices directly within the Anypoint Platform


  • Configuration of integration architecture repository (Sparx)
  • Canonical data model (CMD) design based on proven industry standards
  • Business analysis of data flows (ground-to-ground, cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground)
  • Preparation of mappings across disparate company data models
  • Consultancy around EAI governance processes

Our team


Our tight-knit 30 person team is made up of experienced Mule ESB enthusiasts with a T-shaped skill set. We’re looking forward to helping you prepare for the integration challenges of tomorrow

3 Senior Architects
5 Senior Developers
Over 20 developers

Our customers


Our team has successfully delivered a cloud-by-design, multi-region integration solution based on Mule ESB CE and AWS for Zoetis, the largest animal health provider in the world. We’ve helped our client cut down OPEX costs and dispose of elaborate point-to-point interfaces that have long posed a burden to maintain, let alone extend or reuse. The platform currently boasts ca. 600 distinct adapters organized around systems and business domains, accommodating a plethora of protocols and data formats.



For our financial services client, Raiffeisen POLBANK, we have been actively participating in the company’s journey towards API-led connectivity. We have leveraged Mule ESB CE to build a robust and highly available REST API layer providing an in-house entry point to the bank’s core services. The design included (among others) a RAML-based service registry and complex caching layer built around the Redis in-memory data store.


We are the team behind ESBeetle, a managed platform based on our self-coined “interface as a service” paradigm. The solution caters for both batch and online integration needs and is available globally on a “pay as you go” basis. No need to change your business or underlying technology, nor perform complex capacity evaluations, as ESBeetle scales transparently to handle peaks in business volumes. Find out more.

UMM Zoetis – CIAM class solution

Users from more than 40 countries use the Zoetis application owing to a solution supplied by BlueSoft and leveraging Amazon Web Services

Loyalty platform

LOT Polish Airlines builds relations with its clients more effectively using BlueSoft’s loyalty platform.

CO3 Connect. Communicate. Cooperate.

The holistic platform enabling end-to-end communication in Transport/Logistic.

Card payment upon parcel delivery (COD)

First deployment of a card payment system upon parcel delivery on the Polish courier market (COD - Cash on Delivery) strengthens DPD’s position as market leader that is open to the client’s needs.

Microservices-based integration platform for

A scalable microservices-based integration platform in a cloud environment for handling large numbers of requests

Big Data ecosystem for ING Bank Slaski

Gigabytes of data arriving daily, terabytes of data processed in a dispersed Big Data ecosystem.

Vendor Consolidation

Over the years, Teleoperator has successfully implemented a number of complex projects with short “time to market”

Idea Cloud – cloud banking

BlueSoft has designed and implemented an innovative IT solution for Idea Bank SA. It ensures utilizing functionalities and relaying communications between IT systems constituting the first cloud banking system in Poland - “Idea Cloud”

Innovative one-click purchase robot for Polarbulk
Stream processing platform in ING Bank Śląski

BlueSoft has supported ING Bank Śląski in implementing a new platform for processing and analyzing data in real time.

Communication Engine – operational communications management

Millions of messages daily, one innovative solution - Communication Engine

NFC HCE application Mobile Wallet

BlueSoft developed and deployed the Mobile Wallet app which provides mobile phone payments using NFC HCE technology.

Building Advanced Analytics workspace in Raiffeisen Bank

BlueSoft has supported Raiffeisen Bank International in designing and implementing Advanced Analytics Workspace, an explorative, on-demand analytical environment.

Stream processing platform in ING Bank Śląski

BlueSoft has supported ING Bank Śląski in implementing a new platform for processing and analyzing data in real time.

SAP Hybris implementation in Telco

BlueSoft has helped one of the biggest Polish telecoms operators in conducting a digital transformation.

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