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Oracle ESB the Enterprise Service Bus platform for the integration of IT systems

Oracle ESB

BlueSoft is a company that specializes in IT system integration and solutions based on SOA.

To verify the new technology – Oracle SOA Suite package, a business process was prepared according to the following architecture:

System Order Management is responsible for receiving orders and initiate their realization by starting a business process (website – embedded in any application server).

Business Process – a Business Process layer, that was implemented and based on the Oracle BPM Suite.

Services – a layer of business services that was implemented and based on Oracle SOA Suite technology.

To realize Proof of Concept for a bank, a process of a loan for individual clients was designed. The purpose of the implementation was to acquire knowledge about processes based on Oracle SOA Suite. The following components of Oracle Soa Suite and Oracle BMP Suite were used in the process of implementation:
Oracle BPM, Business Process Composer
Oracle BPEL Process Manager
Oracle Business Rules
Oracle Human Workflow
Oracle Business Activity

Oracle JDeveloper Studio
Oracle MDS

Business Process Description

In order to implement the credit sales process, several process models were created which were orchestrated by web services and business rules results. The event mechanism was used to realize asynchronous communication between processes.
Diagrams of BPM and BPEL implementation are depicted below.

CreateMortgage – the main process implemented in BPMN 2.0, which is responsible for business process of sales credit. All steps in process calls web services and rules are responsible for:
customer verification, confirmation of the order, drafting the final agreement.
In parallel with the verification of customer data in the MIG DZ, the process of drafting the agreement starts by publishing an event (step Throw Event). When all of the tasks are handled manually in the sub-process, control is returned to the main process by a receive event (Catch Event step).
FraudDetection – the service that implements customer data verification
FraudDetection – executing BPEL verification of customer data in the MIG DZ, responsible for the verification of identity documents

Order Management – Oracle SOA

As part of the PoC a system of Order Management was prepared. It was responsible for receiving and processing orders. In this case, the OM orchestrates the entire process of sales, where one element of the loan process is executed by the BPM Credit Mortgage Process.

Order Management System is responsible for handling orders and preparing an appropriate message, putting it into the oracle JMS queue. Then order processing is realized on the application server side, when the service fetches an object from JMS queue and starts the selling process (Credit Mortgage).

Oracle SOA Suite – technology assessment

PoC implemented in Oracle SOA technology allowed to learn about and verify the new IT integration solution.
Oracle SOA solution can certainly be described as a highly comprehensive view of the wide range of tools for creating, installing, monitoring, and management software. From outset of the project to implementation, Oracle provides an IDE and a number of consoles that support the process of software installation and subsequent operation, monitoring and maintenance of the code.

BlueSoft has successfully implemented many projects in this area. We will happily present our portfolio directly as well as answer more questions about technology itself and benefits to be brought by its implementation.

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