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QlikView is Business Intelligence tool without the failings of traditional enterprise-class solutions. It gives its users a possibility to run advanced data analytics and visualizations while maintaining excellent efficiency. A friendly and intuitive interface makes it possible to quickly start working with the tool and significantly reduce user training time.

very flexible data model is what gives QlikView an advantage over other tools. Source data is loaded to RAM, which makes access to it almost instantaneous. This greatly simplifies combining data from multiple sources, e.g. databases, text files or MS Excel sheets.

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Owing to highly developed upgrade management options, QlikView provides sufficient security and control over what users do. Superb scalability, usually through increasing RAM capacity, allows cost minimization and quick extension.

QlikView can be used as a standalone reporting and analyzing solution for an organization. It is also an excellent addition to enterprise-class solutions giving advanced users the possibilities and freedom which are difficult to accomplish by traditional means.

BlueSoft’s experience

BlueSoft has ample experience in completing projects using QlikView. We render deployment and user training services. We also assist in preparing analyses, reports and dashboards.

We are experts in running business intelligence projects, which allows us to offer our clients comprehensive services in the field of planing BI initiatives and their gradual implementation at organizations.

BlueSoft has successfully implemented many projects in this area. We will happily present our portfolio directly as well as answer more questions about technology itself and benefits to be brought by its implementation.

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