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Rapid Integration Suite

Rapid Integration Suite

Rapid Integration Suite is a line of products that support the process of developing integration solutions. From the analysis stage to the deployment in production environments – the suite accompanies all teams providing maximum automation of the integration solution provision process. RIS is the result of four years’ work of the best specialists in the integration industry.

Rapid Integration Suite

Rapid Integration Suite includes the following products:

RIS Release Mind

RIS Release Mind – Automated code circulation

RIS Invocation Manager

RIS Invocation Manager – Service monitoring

RIS Test Ranger

RIS Test Ranger – Test support

RIS Service Analyser

RIS Service Analyser – Verification of code

RIS Enterprise Deployer

RIS Enterprise Deployer – Technical work automation

We invite you to look at the features offered by the Rapid Integration Suite tools. They are all presented together in a short video:

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