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RIS Enterprise Deployer

RIS Enterprise Deployer

Dynamic development of IT systems is now a standard for most companies that want to remain competitive. An inevitable consequence is an ever-increasing number of dependencies on hardware and software. Configuration management is becoming an essential organizational element of every software development process.

RIS Enterprise Deployer is a complex configuration management solution. Centralization, proactive approach to change management, automation of technical activities, monitoring of configuration change history – these are but a few examples of what the tool has to offer. RIS Enterprise Deployer improves productivity while minimizing the number of errors associated with technical aspects of preparing and maintaining environments, which makes it a perfect addition to working with developing IT systems.

RIS Enterprise Deployer

Full Automation of Administrative Work

RIS Enterprise Deployer automatically installs, refreshes and configures individual elements of IT systems. By eliminating the human factor, which is the main error-generating element in administrative work, it significantly reduces the time, lowers the cost and guarantees the highest quality of technical activities.

Scalability and Flexibility

With the configuration parametrization mechanisms, the tool enables transferring, cloning and scaling the application environment. Combined with a flexible method of defining the administrative activities by means of preset mini-actions RIS, Enterprise Deployer makes the adaptation to the requirements of the production process faster and easier than ever before.

Plan and Allow the Work to be Made for you

Time is money. With RIS Enterprise Deployer’s task scheduling mechanism available through the tool’s GUI the technical work can be performed unattended, which significantly reduces the workload put on technical teams. Monitoring of task completion status is available through a complex notification module and a remote control panel. RIS Enterprise Deployer reduces the costs of repeatable operations in an easy and safe manner.

Configuration Centralization

Based on an integrated repository, RIS Enterprise Deployer stores the information associated with the environment in simple configuration files. All the changes made to the repository are then automatically propagated in the environment. Thanks to centralized configuration management, RIS Enterprise Deployer guarantees coherent, fast and complete introduction of changes.

Full Change History with Recovery Option

RIS Enterprise Deployer utilizes a version control system for storing configuration data with an optimal granulation of constituent elements of the saved environment state. It allows the solution to keep a complete change history, compare application states from different points in time and recover past configuration quickly and intuitively.

Logical Environment Projection

Configuration stored in the tree structure using inheritance mechanisms makes it possible to faithfully record the status of even the most complex application environments. In conjunction with the rules mechanism that define the mutual dependencies of individual components, RIS Enterprise Deployer provides modelling tools that will satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Proactive Approach to Configuration Changes

In contrast to the reactive approach to configuration management, where changes are recorded at the time of implementation, RIS Enterprise Deployer mechanisms provide full verification of data integrity. With an advanced logic of detection and correction of unauthorized changes to application configuration, the tool excludes the possibility of a discrepancy between the state stored in the repository, tools, and the real state, which makes it a perfect guardian of quality and order.

Automatic Installation, Refreshing and Reconfiguration

The key functionality offered by RIS Enterprise Deployer is a wide range of support for the automation of administrative tasks. Starting from installation of complex processes of the entire application environment, through refreshing them with successive software versions, and ending with various types of reconfiguration, the tool supports technical teams and provides superior, human error-free quality.

Monitoring and Notifications

The tool provides a convenient admin panel which allows you to actively monitor the status of executed tasks. The status of the task is reported step by step, together with details of individual operations, which allows for fast and transparent access to critical information. What is more, RIS Enterprise Deployer provides a practical notification module which minimizes the time needed to supervise tasks. It allows the user to subscribe to notifications that report the status of the current process. This frees the user from the need for detailed verification of each performed step, reducing his activity to responding to potential alerts.

Parametrization and Scalability

Parameterization of configuration offered by the tool enables the separation of the fixed part from the variable part of system configurations. Management of parameters dependent on the given application instance (such as machine addresses/name) is performed independently of the fixed part. This allows the user to configure a large number of applications of the same type with a minimum number of necessary resources. This solution allows for dynamic management of application environments allocation, improves the configuration migration between them and significantly simplifies the process of production deployment preparation. The technical aspects of the software development process are no longer a barrier in the implementation of even the boldest goals.

Easy Expandability – Modularity

RIS Enterprise Deployer was built with easy expandability in mind. Its individual functions are implemented as plugins that can be added and removed at any time. Flexibility is the greatest advantage of this approach – through the use of different sets of plugins RIS Enterprise Deployer can be used to work with software made in any technology.

Automatic Detection of Scheduled Tasks

The module available from the GUI allows the user to schedule unmanned execution of administrative activities at any time. Tasks can be executed in a cyclic, single and dependent mode, whichever is required by the initial conditions. With RIS Enterprise Deployer it is possible to perform periodic configuration verifications, daily backups, nightly reboots and other technical activities in a manner that does not require the presence of the user.

Friendly User Interface

Graphical user interface of RIS Enterprise Deployer constitutes a transparent tool control centre. It enables control, scheduling and reviewing the history of administrative tasks. Fast access to important information, reports summarizing completed operations and remote operations management make it the only tool you will need to promptly and easily manage the technical processes in any environment.