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RIS Invocation Manager

RIS Invocation Manager

RIS Invocation Manager is a complete tool that supports the work of analysts, programmers, administrators and testers in the process of delivering new system functionalities, as well as maintaining and monitoring the existing ones. This tool greatly reduces the time necessary to resolve incidents on the integration platform and eliminates errors and analytical gaps. Invocation Manager provides reliable information for architects, analysts and developers, necessary during the analysis on different stages of the project.

RIS Invocation Manager

Numerous benefits

The main advantages of Invocation Manager:

  • Quick and easy analysis of incidents – with information about the service runs, all the data needed for analysis is always at hand
  • Transparency – no interference in the application code
  • Configurability – modification of settings does not require the user to stop or restart the integration platform
  • Business messages combining – by setting up the relationship between the messages we get a full picture of the business process
  • High performance – minimal impact on the integration platform
  • Speed ​​– the results of running the services and associated input/output data are visible almost immediately
  • Automatic detection of unmonitored services
  • Clear and ergonomic user interface
  • Support for webMethods, Tibco and IBM WebSphere technologies.

Effective tests support

Invocation Manager significantly optimizes the cost of integration tests. With our tool, those responsible for the analysis of incidents receive a full picture of the problem, so you are quickly able to identify the system that caused the error.

Invocation Manager is also very effective in supporting benchmarks. The tool collects data relating to the number of users and duration time of the individual services. It allows you to create reports indicating services that overload the platform.

Efficiency, scalability and configurability

One of the requirements that we set when creating Invocation Manager was versatility. By using several data processing layers, we have developed a tool that is fully scalable and customizable, can be adapted to work with both large and small production environments without the need to significantly expand the infrastructure.

No interference with the service code

An important advantage of the tool is its lack of interference with the service code. RIS Invocation Manager can be successfully implemented in mature, complex environments. The implementation does not require much work and therefore the costs and risks associated with the introduction of RIS Invocation Manager are low.