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RIS Release Mind

RIS Release Mind

A well-organized process of code circulation is the key element in the development of every application. Release Mind provides a vast range of advanced mechanisms that enable an efficient circulation creation and control as well as a convenient implementation of the code on test and production environments. Combined with a friendly user interface, it makes RIS RM a perfect solution for a modern project environment.

RIS Release Mind

Project and Scope Management

The tool supports simultaneous management of multiple projects with independently defined scopes. By automatically detecting and resolving conflicts in the provided code it works well in environments where the application development process involves multiple vendors.

Reporting and notifications

Proper monitoring is essential for effective management. Errors detected at the early stages of development always cost the least. Mind Release enables quick access to information about the current state of the controlled production process. A number of reports and a notification system both save time, while ensuring that no important information is overlooked.

Adjust RIS RM to your Needs

With flexible configuration mechanisms available from the application’s GUI level, RIS RM can be tailored to the needs of every development environment. Numerous possibilities – no limits.

Automated Management of Code Circulation

Management of changes in the code is based on the version control system. With its strong integration with the developed application code repository, Release Mind provides automated migration of changes between branches, automated versioning of individual components as well as easy and fast history search.

Parallel Projects Handling

The tool provides strong support for parallel handling of multiple projects. With a highly developed merge code system, Release Mind automatically migrates patches, detects conflicts and supports their resolution.

Detailed Changes Record

Release Mind collects data on any changes made in the code, including the range of changes, circulation history, user activity history, logs on the performed automatic actions, and other essential information. Quick access to this data significantly accelerates application development.

Scope Management

The tool is equipped with mechanisms that enable the systematization of work of multiple development teams with independently defined ranges. Release Mind detects conflicts at the early stages of changes circulation. Attempts at mutual overwriting of the code are identified and appropriate notifications are sent to a defined group of recipients. The tool supports quick identification of the location where such a situation occurs, so that the time required to solve them is reduced.

Complex reporting and notifications

The tool provides a wide range of predefined reports which enable constant monitoring of the situation in the production environment. Combined with a system of easily definable notifications it constitutes a mechanism which ensures that no important event will be missed.

Another advantage of the module is the ability to define custom reports, which is a perfect solution that will satisfy even the most demanding users.


RIS RM can be easily adapted to individual needs through a system of plugins. Individual features can be enabled / disabled at any time by an add-on management system.

Friendly User Interface

RIS Release Mind provides a convenient user interface. It allows the user to review the reported code, compare it to subsequent versions of the reported components, browse the repository, perform configurations, etc. The tool has built-in wiki, which can be a source of information for the project teams working on the application development.

Flexability and configurability

Flexible workflow editing module with graphic support for designing code flow between the environments allows the user to customize the tools in accordance with individual preferences and requirements of even the most complex production processes. Combined with the option to define specific rights, user groups, new types of entries, validations, job queues, etc., Release Mind is a tool, for which nothing is impossible.