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Rocket Chat Communicator

What is Rocket Chat communicator?

Rocket Chat communicator is a tool based on an open-source licence. It makes it possible for organizations to introduce one coherent information exchange channel. The chat offers three communication channels: public, private and one-to-one. This allows for easy recipient and content management.

Content may be accessed via Rocket Chat mobile and desktop app or from the browser.

This solution will also do well as a live chat by embedding the chat window in a website and making it available for visitors.

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What does Rocket Chat communicator offer?

  • Text messages

    Rocket Chat is a robust and intuitive text communicator.

  • Voice messages

    Recording and sending voice messages from the chat is just as easy as sending a simple text message.

  • Video messages

    Just as with voice messages, it is possible to record video camera footage and send it as a message.

  • File sharing

    The chat offers seamless file sharing between conversation participants, owing to which exchanging all necessary information is possible via one channel.

  • Link preview

    Rocket Chat offers elaborate link presentation, due to which it is possible to, for instance, present clips to which a link refers straight in the chat window.

  • Video conversations

    It is possible to have video conversations – no separate applications are required, the browser suffices.

  • Chat helpdesk

    Due to the possibility of embedding the chat window in a website, it is easy to make this communication method available for page visitors.

  • Security

    For authorization purposes, Rocket Chat offers easy LDAP or SSO integration, which is why an organization may use a coherent credentials policy.


The chat can be integrated with a variety of external services in order to improve work quality and convenience. Rocket Chat communicator may become the main source of key information regarding many areas of an organization’s operations. A good example of such integration is Jira, owing to which notifications about JIRA task actions are sent to the chat.

Rocket Chat communicator may be integrated with, among others:

  • Azure Alert

  • BitBucket

  • GitHub

  • GitLab

  • Google-Calendar

  • Jenkins

  • Jira

  • NewRelic

  • Osticket

  • PagerDuty

  • Prometheus

  • ReviewBoard

  • RunDeck

  • Sentry

  • Trello

  • Uptimerobot

Rocket Chat communicator at BlueSoft

Due to the fact that Rocket Chat is used by our entire organization as an official communication channel, we have ample experience in deploying, administering and integrating the chat. Our own experience has taught us what Rocket Chat deployment should look like at enterprises with already defined work schemes and standards.

Staff testimonials

“Deploying a common chat at a company that, to date, hires more than 400 people was a very good decision. Instead of six different communicators, we started using one, common communication channel. We can be sure that the information shared between staff is secure”

Konrad Kurzydło, Business Area Director

“We had been wondering how long it would take to convince the teams to switch to a different communicator. To our surprise, right after launching the pilot, in a matter of a month, 67 per cent of our staff started using

Marcin Tkocz, Coordinator

Rocket Chat communicator development – automation using Chat Bot

In order to improve performance, we are intensively working on developing out proprietary Chat Bot which supports our staff by automating frequently performed tasks.

BlueSoft has successfully implemented many projects in this area. We will happily present our portfolio directly as well as answer more questions about technology itself and benefits to be brought by its implementation.

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