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The overall aim of BIO-PHOENIX is to create a fundamentally different paradigm of designing and implementing software systems with a bio-inspired, co-DNA based capability for self-organisation and self-reconstruction, resilient to extensive damage.

In the long term, this paradigm shift can trigger the development of supporting technologies related to the specification, testing, re-engineering and verification of such systems, as well as specialised platforms for executing co-DNA models on CCI devices with special characteristics (e.g., limited energy and computational capacities).

It can also lead to new research and tools regarding the realisation and preservation of quality and security processes in co-DNA based systems, as well as tools and technologies supporting co-DNA based systems in specific domains, as for example, software systems supporting critical infrastructures, emergency response and crisis/disaster management systems, medical systems, and safety-critical systems.

Our Partners:

Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas
Institute of Communication and Computer Systems
Cablenet Communication Systems LTD
SPHYNX Technology Solutions AG
Ecole Nationale Des Ponts Et Chaussees






48 months (01 Jul 2019 – 31 Dec 2023)

Project budget:

Project budget:


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