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Our Team Of Movers And Shakers

BlueSoft employs an impressive, highly engaged team of 800 engineers, specialists, and consultants. Each one is equally eager and ready to deliver the next best solution for leading enterprises around the globe. We eat challenges for breakfast – and have results for lunch.

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Meet The People That Make Our Company Great

Brilliant solutions start with brilliant ideas. That’s why we only hire engineers at heart who care about the end user and never stop learning. It’s our people that make our company great. 

Get acquainted with some of us below. 

Daniel Bachan

Digital Strategy Advisor

Artur Mirończuk

Project Manager

Diana Kisiała

Project Manager

Joanna Bereszyńska

HR Recruitment Specialist

Kamila Wójcik

HR Recruitment Specialist

Karol Królewski

Senior IT Project Manager at BlueSoft

Katarzyna Walter de Walthoffen

HR Recruitment Specialist

Łukasz Karwot

Senior Big Data Architect

Maciej Kossakowski

Senior Solution Architect

Marcin Styliński

Head of Azure Cloud Solutions

Mateusz Oksiński

Project Manager

Mikołaj Szypke

Cloud Computing & Solution Architecture Expert

Robert Karczewski

Microservices Lead Architect

Wiktor Ptasiński

Project Manager


Przemysław Wróblewski

Business Unit Director

Marcin Stróżański

Business Unit Manager

Grzegorz Jędryka

Business Unit Manager

Maciej Klimczak

Managing Director

Michał Zaczek

Business Unit Director

Dariusz Janeczko

Key Account Director

Joanna Chmiel

Business Unit Director

Konrad Kurzydło

Business Unit Director

Krzysztof Kucz

Business Unit Director

Łukasz Mosiej

Business Unit Director

Łukasz Bober

Business Unit Director

Piotr Ziętek

Data Division Director

Łukasz Kempiński

Director of Business Development

Board of directors

Marcin Podkowa

Managing Director

Dariusz Dober

Managing Director

Maciej Konopko

CFO, Management Board Member

Your career at Bluesoft

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