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Artur Mirończuk

Artur Mirończuk

Project Manager

Artur Mirończuk began his IT sector career in the e-Learning company in 2003. He started as a software developer by implementing the e-learning content and preparing the integration layer with the Learning Management Systems. He worked for various clients like Banks, Telecoms, and the government sector as well.   

For several years Artur transitioned from software developer through Team Leader to Project Manager position with key responsibilities of implementing, delivering, and maintaining e-learning solutions. In parallel, he was an R&D manager taking care of crucial company products and systems. With his engagement, the company introduced one of the first in the market quality assurance and control systems used to manufacturing e-learning courses. He was one of the main contributors to the success of the biggest e-learning portal in Poland called Akademia PARP.  

In 2018, he joined the BlueSoft company and was focused on the Agile competencies with the role of Scrum Master. He successfully leads the remote Scrum teams within the microservices development architecture for the Raiffeisenbank in Croatia. He contributed to the digital transformation of the clients’ company in achieving Agility by implementing the Scrum framework for several teams. His Scrum Teams were recognized as a benchmark for others.   

Artur graduated with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the Military Academy of Technology. His technical background was enriched by Organization and Management postgraduate studies. 

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