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Diana Kisiała

Diana Kisiała

Data Protection Officer

A Data Protection Officer with more than a dozen years of experience in implementation of IT projects and building processes in the Company. She’s not afraid of challenges and doesn’t like to be stuck in one place. It applies to her personal life as well since she develops as a journalist of a technological portal. She always goes for the best quality, which is evidenced by her practical knowledge of IT projects management (Scrum, Prince2), issues relating to Personal Data Protection and Management Systems such as: Risk Management – ISO 31000, Information Security Management – ISO 27001, Quality Management – ISO 9001 confirmed by certificates. 

In June 2006, she started working at BlueSoft as a tester. A few years later, she began managing IT projects on her own as a Project Manager. In 2007, she took part in establishing procedures, working on the Quality Manual and implementing ISO 9001:2008 in BlueSoft. Subsequently, in 2016, she adjusted the procedures to ISO 9001:2015 (the certified system) and implemented a Risk Management System based on ISO 31000 in the company. In 2018, she took part in adjusting Personal Data Protection procedures to GDPR in BlueSoft.  

In 2018 and 2019, she devised and implemented Information Security Policy – ISO 27001 (a certified system) and Business Continuity Policy in BlueSoft. 

In 2019, when BlueSoft joined the Orange Group, she adjusted ISO procedures to requirements set by the new owner. She also implemented the Anti-Corruption Policy (Compliance).   

Currently, she is responsible for the continuous development of the Policies implemented in BlueSoft as well as their compliance with regulations concerning Personal Data (GDPR), including performing internal Audits and trainings. She develops as regards the projects by means of participating in certain internal initiatives, building business processes of the Company on the basis of such tools as Jira or Confluence or, together with the System Administrators’ team, she takes care of the internal Infrastructure of the company (mainly in terms of requirements imposed on the Infrastructure and the procedures). On top of that, she still improves herself through participating in trainings and developing her own initiatives aside from work. 

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