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A New Milestone in Innovative Energy Communication: Enea Operator and BlueSoft (an Orange company) in Partnership with Microsoft

A New Milestone in Innovative Energy Communication: Enea Operator and BlueSoft (an Orange company) in Partnership with Microsoft

We have taken a significant step towards the future of energy. Enea Operator, in collaboration with BlueSoft (an Orange company) and Microsoft, a global technological giant, has initiated an ambitious research and development project. The objective of this project is to create a prototype application that will enhance remote communication with devices on the power grid.

In today’s fast-paced world, where technology is constantly evolving, have you ever wondered how remote readings of electricity meters can be optimized? Well, Enea Operator has partnered with other companies to tackle this challenge and provide a solution.

What are the goals of the project?

The main assumption of the project is to develop and implement an innovative analytical solution in the form of a Proof of Concept in the Enea Operator’s test environment. What is so revolutionary about this idea? The key to success lies in machine learning mechanisms and artificial intelligence, which will be used to increase the effectiveness of remote communication with meters in Enea Operator by optimizing reading schedules. The assumed goal is a significant reduction in the number of unread devices in a short time — by 30% in the N+1 day and by 15% in the N+7 day.

How will this work?

The basis of the project is the Microsoft Azure cloud. It is there that Enea Operator, along with the BlueSoft team, will install the prototype. Using advanced algorithms based on artificial intelligence and data from telecommunication systems, it is planned to analyze information to identify potential problems and their solutions before they materialize. The effectiveness of readings from the central data acquisition system will be verified, along with data on the availability of SIM cards installed in remote reading meters.

What’s next?

It should be remembered that the project is currently in the research phase. The developed solution and prototype are treated as a Proof Of Concept, which will use production data but is not yet a production solution for Enea Operator — emphasizes Przemysław Starzyński, Head of the Innovation Initiatives Office at Enea Operator.

The use of new tools such as machine learning or artificial intelligence mechanisms is the beginning of a new era in managing the power grid. Thanks to the combined efforts of Enea Operator, BlueSoft, and Microsoft, it is possible to create a solution that will benefit not only energy companies but also individual customers, through more efficient and reliable energy management – said Grzegorz Marciniak, Director of the Information Measurement Management Department at Enea Operator.

In the coming months, we will follow the progress of this fascinating project, hoping that it will be a breakthrough in the field of remote communication with power grid devices.

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