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A pilot air quality testing system

A pilot air quality testing system – POLAIR already works in Zduńska Wola and Tuchów. An advanced algorithm analyzes and compares information obtained from sensors with, among others, meteorological data. This enables monitoring and forecasting the level of pollution. It was possible thanks to a consortium formed by Integrated Solutions and BlueSoft.

– Air quality is important for all of us – citizens, government, business and local governments. However, to introduce a change, we need to know how and where to start, and technology can be a key ally here. POLAIR is a pilot project started in two cities. It can be developed, scaled and enriched with new solutions – says Marcin Dżoga, the Vice President of the Management Board of Integrated Solutions.

Thanks to the possibility of combining data on suspended particulates in the air with meteorological data, POLAIR enables forecasting air quality 24 hours in advance. High predictability is provided by the use of data and research dating back to 2016, and then adapting them to local conditions. The system presents current data. In turn, historical data are analyzed and stored.

POLAIR enables measuring information on suspended particulates PM1, PM2.5, PM10 as well as on meteorological data such as temperature, rainfalls, wind strength and direction. The system’s capabilities can be extended to also measure: CO, NO, NO2, SO2, O3, luminance, solar radiation level and visibility. Currently, the POLAIR program is used in Tuchów and Zduńska Wola. The cities prepared locations for the installation of air quality sensors and, thanks to the portal, they receive free access to the results of the analysis for 12 months.

Integrated Solutions co-creates the architecture of the system aggregating meteorological data and air pollution data from ground-based sensors. They are located in the IaaS cloud. As part of the project, BlueSoft is responsible for the design and implementation of the website. The leader of the consortium that implements this project is Kapitech, a consulting company operating in the field of business and innovation management in the space sector.

The French company WeatherForce, which specializes in the weather analysis has provided an access to air quality data based on ground-based sensors and satellite data to provide data that enables air condition forecasting.

AirQLab, in turn, is responsible for the installation and maintenance of proprietary ground-based air quality sensors, as well as the analysis of meteorological data and air quality data.

The POLAIR system is funded by Climate-KIC (, the leading European climate initiative that aims at accelerating the transition to an emission-free economy.

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