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BlueSoft and Integrated Solutions are co-creating new e-services for the Statistics Poland (Główny Urząd Statystyczny, GUS)

The consortium consisting of Integrated Solutions (Consortium leader), Esri Polska, GISPartner, Billennium signed an agreement with the Central Statistical Office worth over PLN 24 million for the construction of the IT system “Statistical Spatial Data in the State Information System” (PDS).

The consortium members are supported in the implementation of the project by three subcontractors – BlueSoft, GeoTechnologies. and SAS Institute.

The project aims to expand the scope and availability of statistical information and methods of geostatistical analyzes using the resources of official statistics.

The new functionalities will make it possible to meet the needs of users (citizens, entrepreneurs, and public administration), as well as to improve the functioning of the official statistics service itself.

The products of the project will be six public e-services:

  1. service of access to data and geostatistical analyzes from computer devices
  2. service of access to data and geostatistical analyzes from mobile devices
  3. geostatistical exploratory analysis service
  4. geostatistical modeling service
  5. content enrichment service
  6. service supporting the update of selected TERYT register objects

As part of the project, Integrated Solutions will design, deliver, and implement the PDS infrastructure/hardware, system, and tool platform. As a consortium leader, he is also responsible for managing the entire project and integrating the solution based on manufactured components by all members of the consortium.

BlueSoft brings experts’ competencies in building IT systems and will carry out works in this area under the leadership of IS. Both companies are part of the Orange Polska Group.

The result of the PDS project implementation will be analytical support for portal users in making business decisions related to spatial information.

The planned services will allow for the practical application of geostatistical analyzes, including data mining, both in commercial activities, as well as those carried out by the government and local administration and the scientific sphere. The system’s functionalities will make it possible to conduct previously unavailable analyzes on spatial data sets and public statistics resources, allowing to obtain previously unavailable results, and to optimize business processes, significantly enriching the state’s information system.

Due to their innovative and unique nature, the products of the project can also be used in scientific research to analyze the relationship between phenomena from various research fields.

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