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BlueSoft Named Among Top IT Companies in Poland for 2023 by ITwiz BEST100 Report

BlueSoft Named Among Top IT Companies in Poland for 2023 by ITwiz BEST100 Report

BlueSoft is thrilled to announce its newest achievements in the recently published ITwiz BEST100 report for 2023. The report, widely recognized as a benchmark for the IT industry in Poland, highlights BlueSoft’s notable performance in key categories. 

The ITwiz BEST100 report ranks IT companies based on their revenue or sales in several categories and industries.  

BlueSoft proudly took the 2nd place in revenue from application implementation services. This demonstrates the company’s dedication to providing top-quality service and innovative solutions. 

Aside from this, BlueSoft has been recognized for its impressive performance in serving the banking sector, earning the company the 10th position among the leading IT companies with the highest sales in the banking sector. Keeping a high position in this category proves that BlueSoft is a strong player in the banking market in Poland and stands as a reliable partner to the financial services industry. 

The company secured the 10th rank in the retail sector among the top IT companies in terms of sales. Achieving 10th place in the Retail category is a significant milestone for us as it is a sector we had not ventured into in 2020. This recognition also highlights BlueSoft’s ability to cater to the diverse needs of retail businesses and provide them with cutting-edge technology solutions. 

The ITwiz BEST100 report is a highly anticipated annual publication that analyzes the performance of IT companies across various sectors in Poland. Its findings are widely regarded as a reliable benchmark, reflecting the industry’s trends and identifying companies that are making a significant impact. 

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