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BlueSoft the best in Effectiveness category according to IT@Bank report 2020

One of the most important reports for IT in the banking industry has just been published. IT@Bank report sums up the condition of the industry by analyzing the companies achievements in the last fiscal year. For the banking industry, IT companies are crucial partners, and even though polish Banks are well known as technically advanced, they are still improving the quality of their digital services. This is why efficient and fruitful cooperation with IT companies is essential for polish Banks to gain competitive advantages.

We are happy and proud to announce that in IT@Bank ranking 2020, BlueSoft won in the Effectiveness category.

The IT@Bank report said: “BlueSoft sp. z o.o. can boast by far the highest value of revenue per one client of a financial institution this year, as well as a high net financial result, especially in the first half of 2020. It is also worth noting that the share of this group of clients in the company’s revenues accounts for over 50% of total revenues, and the most popular products among them are Kubernetes (virtualization orchestration software that reduces costs and increases work efficiency in a virtualized environment), Starboost – a full implementation environment for agile implementations, and Agama API – in the company’s opinion, the only Polish API Management that fully implements the assumptions of PSD2).”

It’s worth to mention that when preparing the ranking, the following indicators were taken into account: the nominal financial results of IT companies, their profitability, as well as revenues per client from the financial sector weighted by the size of assets.

Winning in the effectiveness category means a lot for us, for the company that strives to be client-centric and focused on capability and performance. We would like to thank all the people working on banking projects in BlueSoft. It wouldn’t be possible without you!

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