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BeeBot is a our computer program created for making conversations using natural language or text interface.

Simple chatbots use a permanent knowledge base, composed of keywords and answers related to them, while more advanced ones can extend their knowledge base with each conversation, using machine learning mechanisms and elements of artificial intelligence. Chatbots are more and more often used as virtual consultants in web services and messengers.

BeeBot’s main functions:

  • Automatic customer service (responding to frequently asked questions)
  • Company or product presentations
  • Help in navigating websites
  • Support in recruitment processes
  • Optimizing information retrieval process
  • Marketing activities in social media
  • Conducting customer or employee satisfaction surveys
  • Automating processes of communication with the customer

BeeBot enables the automation of communication from various sources, such as:

  • Classic chat on a website
  • messenger
  • e-mail

BeeBot can be integrated with the client’s existing systems, so it can carry out the same services for the customer as were previously performed by a consultant. The necessary information is automatically downloaded from the required systems and presented to the customer during the conversation.

By using machine learning, our bot can polish its skills, and the accuracy of its answers improves with each conversation.

New conversation paths are defined using a graphics-based editor, which makes the changes easy to perform and does not require IT assistance.

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