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A mobile banking app for B2C clients which gives you quick access to your finances from your mobile phone. BlueBanking enables managing your funds from anywhere in the world, 24/7. It gives you better control over your spending, as well as constant access to your money and products. Get to know the advantages of our app and see for yourself how easy it can be to use mobile banking every day.

The app’s functions:

  • Overview of your products. Check your balance, see your account history and make transfers. Always stay up-to-date!
  • Customization of home screen. You can check your account balance before even logging into the app. Decide how you want to see it: as an amount or as a percentage.
  • Fingerprint log-in. Do you have a phone with a fingerprint reader? Instead of typing in your PIN, just press your finger to the reader.
  • BLIK mobile payments. Instead of paying with a credit card, key in a 6-digit one-off PIN code. You can use it to pay for your shopping or withdraw money from an ATM.

The app’s advantages:

  • Stable and scalable back-end. Due to its implementation in the AWS cloud, the system’s performance adapts dynamically to the traffic and the number of users. Bluebanking is easily portable to the cloud platforms and to on-primise solutions.
  • You can log into the app with a fingerprint or Touch ID®. You confirm operations in the app with a secure PIN code, which you set when activating the mobile app. The app has built-in protection measures against malware.
  • Android and iOS support. The largest coverage of the mobile market and the widest choice of devices.
  • Integration with e-banking through WebView. WebView enables easy integration of the app with the bank’s e-banking system (and access to e.g. application forms), which adds to app’s competitiveness.
  • Comprehensible, transparent and intuitive user interface.

Home screen before logging into the app (BLIK widget):

Dashboard with the most important account info and BLIK code generator:

List of transfers handled by the app:

Making a BLIK transfer to a phone:

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